Who Makes Sceptre TVs? [No, It is not the United States]

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Who Makes Sceptre TVs?

If you are wondering, “Who makes Sceptre TVs?” the shortest answer is China! Sceptre TV manufacturer is a China-based company known as China New Technology Group Co. Ltd.

Sceptre is an up-and-coming consumer electronics brand that produces high-quality TVs at reasonable prices.

The manufacturer of Sceptre TVs may be a mystery to many. But what we know is that Sceptre Inc. has been a California-based Electronics manufacturer since 1984.

Despite being a lesser-known brand than industry heavyweights like Samsung and LG, Sceptre has carved out a place for itself by providing reasonably priced televisions with features and performance.

Today, we will look closer at Sceptre TVs and see what sets their televisions apart.

Who Makes Sceptre TVs?

Who manufactures sceptre TVs?

Sceptre is an affordable electronics company that specializes in making televisions. The corporation was founded in the United States and had its main offices in California.

Sceptre Consumer Electronics of China owns the Sceptre brand. However, Sceptre contracts out the production of its televisions to other parties.

Sceptre purchases TV parts from companies like LG and Samsung. However, depending on the model and region of manufacturing, the Televisions’ final assembly may be handled by a different contract manufacturer.

Since several contract manufacturers produce Sceptre Televisions, the quality and consistency of individual models and production runs may vary.

Doing all of it, Sceptre has made a name among customers searching for budget-friendly TV.

Manufacturer: China New Technology Group Co. Ltd

Manufacturer: China New Technology Group Co. Ltd

China New Technology Group Co., Ltd., based in China, primarily manufactures Sceptre televisions.

The TVs are manufactured in China and imported into the US, Canada, and Australia to be sold under different brand entities.

Sceptre for the American market, Curtis for Canada, and Tempo for Australia are just a few of the brand names.

The TV’s components, however, come from original design manufacturer (ODM) businesses that place the orders.

Design: Sceptre Incorporated

Sceptre TV Design

The good news is that Sceptre Incorporated itself actually does the product design.

Engineers and designers at Sceptre Inc. collaborate to make cutting-edge televisions that stand out from the competition.

Sceptre TVs’ in-house design means the company can have tight control over the manufacturing process and guarantee the final product lives up to the brand’s high quality and performance expectations.

History of Sceptre Incorporated

History of Sceptre Incorporated

Sceptre Incorporated started making and marketing computer displays in 1984. Hartco, a significant player in the Canadian electronics distribution sector, was a key partner for Sceptre at that time. Sceptre has a Komodo dragon, appropriately named Brutus, as its mascot because of its emphasis on computer screens. They gave a sizeable portion of their profits to the San Diego Zoological Society every year.

Since 1993, Sceptre has been creating monitors. In 2005, the company shifted its focus to the production and wholesale distribution of LCD televisions. Sceptre, well known for its innovative computer display designs, has also successfully expanded into producing electronic notebooks.

Since then, Sceptre has diversified its offerings by equipping several of its LCD Televisions with mobile high-definition link (MHL) technology, enabling consumers to connect their smartphones and tablets to the TV through a cable sporting an HDMI connection on one end and an MHL connector on the other.

In 2012, Sceptre launched a “high-end” TV product line called oCosmo. The same privately held corporation owns both product lines. Despite being a new company, oCosmo became an Amazon best-seller in a short amount of time.

It has been speculated that oCosmo is only a Sony contract manufacturer, given the company’s Televisions are compatible with Sony’s remote codes.

Sceptre USPs (Unique Selling Points)

Sceptre USPs (Unique Selling Points)

Sceptre Incorporated’s primary focus is to serve the needs of consumers searching for low-cost television but doesn’t want to compromise on quality.

High-definition displays and MHL technology are only two customer-requested additions to the company’s USPs.

They differentiate themselves from other companies by keeping costs down while delivering good products.

Popular Sceptre TV Models

Different customers have varied television demands. Thus Sceptre provides many TV models in various sizes, resolutions, and functions.

Popular Sceptre TV Models

Among the most well-liked Sceptre TVs are:

  1. The Sceptre 50″ 4K UHD TV is a reasonably priced option for those interested in 4K video streaming and television. You can’t watch HDR content on it, but you can use your phone or a Google Chromecast to cast on the TV directly from your phone.
  2. Sceptre 32-inch HD TV: This TV supports 720p HD content, has HDMI inputs for hooking up game consoles, and is thin enough for use in tight quarters.
  3. Comparable to the 32-inch model, the Sceptre 43-inch HD LED TV provides a more immersive watching experience thanks to its greater screen size.

The 55-inch and 65-inch 4K Ultra HD TVs from Sceptre are also top-rated. There are sometimes sales and discounts on Sceptre Televisions at retailers like Walmart and Amazon.

Sceptre TV Comparisons to Other TV Brands

Sceptre TV Comparisons to Other TV Brands

Sceptre is a well-liked television brand among shoppers on a tighter budget due to its low costs and generally satisfactory quality. Sceptre TVs may not be up to pace regarding image quality, functionality, or customer service compared to competing brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, and Vizio.

Examples of premium TV companies include Samsung, LG, and Sony, all of which offer high-end models with cutting-edge features like OLED displays, 4K resolution, and smart home connectivity. Yet, Vizio is a brand that competes with Sceptre on price and features while boasting a better reputation for customer service and support.

Although Sceptre televisions may not have quite the same visual clarity or color vibrancy as more expensive manufacturers, they are an excellent choice for frugal shoppers.

In the end, the brand of TV you choose will depend on your preferences and how much money you are willing to spend. Although other manufacturers may provide more value for the money, Sceptre TVs continue to be a popular choice for budget shoppers.

Sceptre TV Reviews

CNET, Tom’s Guide, and TechRadar are just a few of the respected review outlets that have given Sceptre Televisions high marks.

Reviews of Sceptre televisions tend to be mixed. They are cheap and worth the money, which is a typical compliment. However, other critics have identified issues with specific models’ visual quality, viewing angles, and audio.

The Sceptre X322BV-SR, for instance, was lauded by CNET for its affordable pricing but criticized for its subpar black-level performance and color accuracy compared to more costly versions. While Tom’s Guide praised the Sceptre U550CV-U, the publication took issue with its restricted connection and lack of smart TV capabilities.

The Sceptre E325BV-FSR received a positive review from the tech review site TechRadar. It praised its affordable price and above-average image quality but pointed out its lack of high-end capabilities.

What is Wrong with Sceptre TVs?

Like any other TV, Sceptre also has its issues. Some of the most often mentioned problems are as follows:

What is Wrong with Sceptre TVs?
  1. One of the most prevalent complaints about Sceptre Televisions is that the sound is not very good. Several viewers have complained that the sound quality of their TVs can only be improved by connecting external speakers.
  2. Another problem with Sceptre Televisions is that only a tiny portion of the screen is seen from any vantage point. The colors may seem washed out, and the image quality may suffer if you sit on the side of the screen.
  3. Certain Sceptre televisions have smart TV capabilities. However, these functions are more restricted than those of competing high-end models. This may prevent consumers from downloading new applications and restrict their access to popular streaming services.
  4. While Sceptre Televisions are reasonably priced, their build quality may not be as sturdy as that of more expensive manufacturers. After just a short time of usage, the TV stand and the TV screen have become loose, according to several consumers.

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Nevertheless, not every customer has problems; some people are very pleased with their Sceptre Televisions.

Before making a purchase, it’s in your best interest to learn as much as possible about it and read reviews written by various people.

Where Are Sceptre TVs Sold?

Walmart and Amazon are the United States’ leading stores selling Sceptre Televisions. You may also find them in Australia under the name Tempo and in Canada under the name Curtis.

Direct sales of Sceptre Televisions to customers are also made possible through the company’s website. Free delivery is provided for most purchases inside the contiguous United States.

Sceptre Aftersale Support

Sceptre Aftersale Support

Customers have different feelings about Sceptre’s customer service. Several consumers have spoken favorably, praising the company’s friendly service agents and speedy response times. Some have complained about unfavorable aspects, such as the inaccessibility or unhelpfulness of customer support agents.

Sceptre’s lack of a dedicated customer support phone line may make it difficult for consumers to reach the company.

Sceptre’s customer service after the transaction is iffy at best. However, some consumers could be ready to overlook customer service problems because of the company’s focus on low prices.

Last Thoughts on Who Makes Sceptre TVs

In conclusion, China New Technology Group Co. Ltd produces Sceptre Televisions in China using components sourced from ODM vendors.

The company initially produced computer screens, but it later branched into LCD televisions and added 4K options to its lineup.

You can buy a Sceptre TV at places like Walmart and Amazon. The company has been praised for its televisions’ reasonable prices and high quality. Still, it has also been criticized for its customer service.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where are Sceptre TVs made?

They are manufactured in China by China New Technology Group, and the components are ordered from different ODM companies.

Is Sceptre a good TV brand?

Sceptre televisions are budget friendly and of high quality. These don’t have all the fancy extras of more expensive TV brands, but the image and sound quality are fine. So, for me, it is a good brand.

Where can I buy Sceptre TVs?

For now, you can only buy Sceptre TVs at Walmart and Amazon.

What sizes do Sceptre TVs come in?

They start from 24 inches and go all the way to 60 inches.

What is the customer service like for Sceptre TVs?

Sceptre TVs are not really known for their good customer service. That is the only downside if you are planning to buy their TV.

Is Sceptre a Walmart brand?

No, Sceptre is not owned by Walmart. They just get sold at Walmart.

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