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Who We Are?

Domotics101 is a group of tech-savvy individuals that are experts in the “Smart Home” and “Home Automation” industries. Our desire to help others fuels our enthusiasm for teaching people about the smart home sector and the latest technological developments. Our mission is to facilitate the widespread adoption of smart home technology so that its transformative potential may enhance people’s everyday lives.

Team Domotics101 - Marc, L. Khan, Saba and T. Siddiqui
Team Domotics101 – Marc, L. Khan, Saba and T. Siddiqui

We want to be a helpful and reliable resource since we know how daunting it may be to learn about smart homes for the first time. We’re here to help you, whether you are a complete newbie or a seasoned veteran of smart home technology.

To that end, we want to be the go-to resource for smart home information, discussion, and support by providing comprehensive guides, answers to common problems, and coverage of the newest developments in the field. We are committed to educating our audience on the usefulness of these items, and we stand ready to provide a hand if things don’t go as planned.

Our Team

Marc Ray - Co-Founder, Writer

Marc Ray

Co-Founder, Writer

Marc Ray is the go-to guy when it comes to Home security. As a matter of fact, he has worked with Wyze for two years. He founded Domotics101 with the sole purpose of educating people about the Smart Home Revolution.

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Muhammad L. Khan - Co-Founder, Editor

Muhammad L. Khan

Co-Founder, Editor

Muhammad is helping Domotics101 with his incredible knowledge of Home Automation. He has always had an enormous interest in technology, so he outfitted his house with cutting-edge smart home equipment.


Saba Ashraf - Strategist

Saba Ashraf


Saba is the lead strategist and helps the team with her research about the industry. She finds the pain points the community is dealing with and help the writers to cover those points.


Muhammad T. Siddiqui - Editor

Muhammad T. Siddiqui


Muhammad is a perfectionist when it comes to Writing! Not only can he write, but he can write with style. He writes about the troubleshooting guides and fixing the tech at home.


Our Authors

When it comes to topics like Smart Home Technology, Home Security, Entertainment, and Troubleshooting Guides, our authors are real experts. They are often seen to be at the forefront of their respective fields thanks to their high level of education. They are eager to share their knowledge with you and provide not just their expertise but also their own experience as users of the technology they write about.

Benefits over Facts

When discussing things like smart home security systems, we don’t only talk about the features of the security cameras and their sensors but also about how great it feels to have your house safeguarded. The ability to keep an eye on things from afar and be notified of any questionable conduct is emphasized.

When discussing home theater setups, we don’t simply focus on the devices’ technical specs but also on the benefits they may provide to the listener. Having a centralized media hub that allows for streamlined access and management of all your media is just one of the many advantages of a connected home entertainment system, which we explain in detail.

Troubleshoot Board

The Troubleshoot Board is a group of subject-matter experts whose only responsibility is to analyze and improve our instructional and supporting material for accuracy.

We are probably the only Home Automation site to have a Troubleshoot board, which is quite a hefty and expensive thing to keep but does ensure engagement and up-to-date information for our readers.

Editorial Guidelines

Domotics101 takes great pride in the quality of its content. All of our articles are written with the same overarching purpose in mind: to offer readers reliable information on Smart Homes. Without any ethical concerns, biases, conflicts, or misleading information, our writers deliver 100% unique, accurate, and well-researched material.

If you find any of our articles/content outdated, you can send us an email at [email protected], and we will surely update the post asap.

Contact Us

Do you want to share some information with us? Whether you have a thought to share or a remark to make, we want to hear from you: [email protected], or you can also reach us via the contact us page.

If you would rather call us or send us a letter, you can reach us at 1359 East 52nd Street,
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