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For those who have just bought or are considering buying an RCA TV, the question “Who makes RCA TVs?” may arise.

RCA televisions are an iconic American brand widely regarded as the gold standard in quality and innovation for over a century.

RCA (Radio Corporation of America) has a rich history in the consumer electronics industry, starting with its founding as a maker of wireless telegraph equipment and continuing to the present day as a market leader in cutting-edge televisions and other gadgets.

But, far from the truth, they are not manufactured in the US! With that information in mind, let’s have a deep dive!

RCA TV Manufacturers

RCA TVs are designed in the States by the parent company Vantiva SA but manufactured in Toronto, Canada, by Curtis International Ltd.

However, most components and materials are imported from China, Taiwan, and Mexico.

The RCA’s standards for quality and performance are applied to the end product, even if it was made using components and labor from other countries.

RCA has been through several ownership and production transitions throughout the years, but the company has maintained its status as a treasured American icon by staying ahead of the curve.

RCA Smart TV Design: Vantiva SA

Smart TV Design

Although TV production for RCA is handled by Canadian manufacturer Curtis International Ltd, TV design is handled by RCA’s parent company Vantiva SA, formerly known as Technicolor SA.

Vantiva is a French multinational corporation that develops and distributes media and entertainment-related technologies, goods, and services.

The RCA Televisions and other corporation products are designed and developed by a worldwide design team.

Many teams and specialists from different nations, such as the US, Canada, France, and China, may contribute to the design process.

The final objective of the design process is to produce an item that satisfies the demands of RCA’s clientele and lives up to the company’s standards of excellence in quality and creativity.

RCA TV Manufacturing: Curtis International Ltd

Manufacturing RCA TV

The RCA televisions you see in your local Best Buy or other retail store were likely manufactured, packaged, and sold by Curtis International Ltd. of Canada.

Since its founding in 1998, the business has expanded to become Canada’s and the world’s preeminent supplier of high-quality consumer electronics.

Although its headquarters are in Toronto, Canada, Curtis International has production and distribution sites in China, the United States, and Europe.

Production of RCA Smart TVs is only one of many consumer electronics Curtis International makes. The company also makes DVD players, portable audio devices, and home theater systems.

The company’s goal is to provide cutting-edge solutions to the problems faced by today’s tech-savvy customers at prices they can afford.

The combination of Curtis International’s competence in design, production, and distribution with its partnerships with well-known brands like RCA TV brand has allowed it to become a go-to source for high-quality electronics for consumers all over the globe.

Assessing RCA TV Brand Quality

When it comes to both cost and quality, RCA ranks at the bottom of the market. They are often offered at Walmart and have a reputation for being reasonably priced.

While RCA televisions might not provide the most advanced features, they are still a viable option for those on a small budget.

Calibrate your RCA TV’s settings and keep it out of direct sunlight to extend its life, and it will perform as well as any other brand. This Reddit topic claims that RCA is not a well-regarded TV manufacturer.

Nonetheless, some What Hi-Fi Reviewers have a soft spot for RCA Televisions and have discovered some genuine gems among the brand’s offerings.

RCA is expanding beyond the budget television market by introducing QLED TV, Roku TV, and WebOS Smart TVs.

RCA Electronics Ownership History

Who Owns RCA Electronics - A Brief History

VOXX International owns the RCA trademark, which it uses on various audio and video accessories and products. RCA was initially established in 1919 as the Radio Corporation of America.

RCA Corporation is a prominent American electronics manufacturer. At first, GE, Westinghouse, AT&T, and United Fruit Company held shares in the trust.

A merger between RCA and General Electric occurred in 1986.

Unfortunately, it had to sell the manufacturing rights to RCA and GE consumer electronics to the French company Vantiva SA, formerly Thomson Consumer Electronics, in 1988 owing to economic and commercial factors.

After two years, Vantiva SA transferred all consumer audio and video product ownership to Audiovox Company, except only TVs.

Vantiva SA licenses various firms’ RCA trademarks and brand names, including Voxx International, Curtis International, AVC Multimedia, TCL Corporation, and Express LUCK International Ltd.

RCA’s Demise and Brand Licensing

When did RCA go out of Business?

An in-depth story in The New York Times magazine claims that the company’s reputation has suffered due to several factors, including increased product variety, mismanagement, and high employee turnover.

Moreover, the RCA name was damaged by a succession of CEOs whose management was not impressive.

In 1985, the company’s board of directors, led by Thornton Bradshaw, opted to split off the company’s TV broadcasting equipment manufacturing business in exchange for keeping the RCA brand name on all televisions.

RCA’s Notable Achievements

Which Milestones RCA has achieved so far?

Being incorporated in 1919 in Delaware, RCA (Radio Corporation of America) has achieved numerous milestones! It’s a shame that the company has failed to meet today’s tech-savvy consumer market.

But it’s safe to say the company has seen good days!

A few of their achievements are:

1939RCA had its satellite in the earth’s orbit!
1954RCA started to produce Color TVs for the first time.
1958RCA had its satellite in the Earth’s orbit!
1964RCA had its second satellite in orbit, known as “The Ranger 7.”
1971RCA Color TV camera was taken to the moon.
RCA produced the world’s first color video recording VideoDisc for consumers.
1985It was the first in a long series of corporate distributors to get RCA’s television business once it was split off.
1990RCA introduced widescreen TVs and satellite-based home TV connections in the US market.
1994RCA introduced the first robust home satellite dish system for TV connections.
1996Extremely affordable widescreen TVs were introduced in the market by RCA.
2013With a TV screen, a computer, and access to 130 channels, the RCA Mobile TV Tablet was introduced.
2014RCA introduced UHD LED TVs with Roku operating systems in the US market.

RCA’s Current Landscape

In conclusion, RCA televisions have a long tradition of excellence and technological advancement, making them a pillar of the American consumer electronics industry.

Vantiva SA, a French multinational firm, is responsible for the design. At the same time, production is outsourced to Toronto, Canada-based Curtis International Ltd.

Lastly, RCA televisions rely heavily on materials and parts imported from countries like China, Taiwan, and Mexico.

RCA Brand TVs may not have the most advanced functions, but they are a good value for the money. The introduction of QLED, Roku, and WebOS TVs shows the company’s ambition to go beyond the cheap TV market.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does RCA make their TVs?

No, they do not. A Canadian company, Curtis International Ltd, manufactures their TVs.

Is RCA an Android TV?

Not all RCA TVs are Android; they launch TVs with multiple OS to satisfy different consumer needs. But yes, they have launched Google OS TVs, which are Android-based.

Are RCA and TCL the same?

No, RCA and TCL are different entities owned by other corporations. However, few of the RCA-released models were manufactured by TCL in China.

Which operating system is RCA TV?

Most of the RCA TVs were released with Roku OS. Other than that, few of their models had WebOS, which is an LG-owned operating system, though their most successful models were based on Roku OS.

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