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Who makes Onn TVs

Onn TV: Unveiling the manufacturer! Plus, discover features & pros/cons to guide your buying decision.

Let’s get one thing straight off the bat: Onn TVs are Walmart’s private label brand trademark as Durabrand, meaning that the design and production of these televisions are handled by several outside companies working under contract with Walmart.

The worst part is that Walmart does not provide information on who makes or supplies Onn TVs, though it’s common in private labeling.

Thus, we had to do our research!

Who makes Onn TVs?

Walmart brand owns the Onn trademark, which is a private label.

Products sold under a retailer’s private label brand are often made by a contract manufacturer and sold under the retailer’s own brand name.

This paves the way for businesses to sell items not seen elsewhere and gives consumers an affordable alternative to high-end brand (Samsung, LG, etc.) products.

Walmart does not identify the companies that make or supply its Onn televisions, although it will likely have many vendors.

This is standard practice in the private label sector since it enables merchants to get supplies from various vendors at various prices.

With that said, let’s jump right in and clear the mystery about Onn manufacturing.

Onn Smart TV Brand Design

Onn Smart TV Brand Design

There is a good chance that Walmart (the brand’s owner) entirely relies on Chinese manufacturers for designing their Onn TVs.

There is a lack of transparency regarding the design process. Still, it is reasonable to assume that Walmart provides no-to-very-little inputs, preferred features, and specifications for the TVs. The manufacturers then use their expertise to create a design that satisfies these needs at a reasonable price.

Based on the Onn-TVs final design, we assumed this is similar to other Chinese-manufactured Smart TVs such as TCL.

The final product is a line of cheap and functional Onn Televisions you can find in Walmart Stores.

Onn Smart TV Manufacturing: China

Onn Smart TV Manufacturing: China

Just like Onn’s design team, it is also possible that the Chinese manufacture Onn TVs.

This country produces a lot of electronics owing to the reduced labor prices and the accessibility of technology.

Walmart has a strong presence in China, with over 400 stores and many suppliers. Walmart also has a considerable number of employees in China.

Is Onn TV a Good Brand?

Is Onn TV a Good Brand?

Onn TVs are a popular alternative for shoppers on a tighter budget due to their low prices and minimal set of features.

From little 24-inch devices to massive 65-inch ones, Onn has them all, with costs averaging between $70 and $500.

But does all of it makes Onn a Good Television Brand?

Well, the answer may vary from person to person!

Onn Televisions may not have as many bells and whistles or as high-quality an image as some more expensive brands like Samsung TVs or Sony TVs, but they are trustworthy and provide good value for the money.

Consumers may shop with confidence for an Onn TV since they are covered by Walmart’s return and customer care guarantee. Whether or not Onn is a good TV brand is ultimately a matter of personal preference.

Lastly, their partnership with Roku allows them to have the Roku operating system in their TVs of all budgets, and there is no doubt that Roku is one of the best TV OS out there.

Onn is a wonderful option if you want a cheap TV that has the essentials and performs well. But if you’re looking for premium features or image quality, you may want a more pricey model.

What is Good about ONN TVs? (Pros)

What is Good about ONN TVs? (Pros)

Now we know where ONN gets its TV design and manufacture. If the final product is good enough or not. Let us get to the pros and cons.

Among the numberless pros, I am going to discuss the top three.

Is Onn providing Value for Money?

Most reviewers agree that Onn Televisions are reasonably priced. Although they lack the gimmicks of more costly models, they provide a good set of essential functions at a reasonable price.

Is Onn providing Value for Money?

Onn TVs are dependable and straightforward, making them a good option for people on a tighter budget or needing a secondary TV for a bedroom or guest room.

The fact that Onn Televisions are covered by Walmart’s return policy and customer care may reassure customers.

The bottom line is that Onn is an excellent option if you want a TV that won’t break the bank and doesn’t need any fancy extras.

Onn Warranty from Walmart

The Onn TV comes with a limited warranty that covers any issues related to the product’s materials and construction. The duration of the warranty varies between 90 days to a year, depending on the specific TV model and purchase date.

Onn Warranty from Walmart

If your Onn TV develops a flaw covered by the warranty, Walmart will choose between repairing and replacing it at no extra charge. Nevertheless, the guarantee does not cover abuse, accidents, and illegal repairs.

When buying an Onn TV, ensure you fully understand the conditions of the warranty.

Walmart also sells Onn TVs with extended service contracts in addition to their standard warranty. These plans extend the regular warranty duration and provide benefits such as in-home service, waived deductibles, and protection against accidental damage.

The Roku Operating System

Another best thing about Onn TV is its Roku operating system. Roku OS is a well-liked and intuitive platform facilitating access to many video streaming services and channels.

The Roku Operating System

It is now easier than ever for Onn TV customers to get access to their favorite streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

Onn TVs will always have the latest features and be protected from vulnerabilities since Roku OS constantly improves with new updates.

ONN TV Problems (Cons)

ONN TV Problems (Cons)

Featureless and Boring

One potential con of Onn Televisions is that they may not have as many extras as other, more expensive manufacturers.

Several standard features are available on Onn Televisions, including HDMI and USB ports, Ethernet connectivity, and support for universal remote controls.

The ability to fine-tune the image quality to personal desire may be hindered, for example, since Onn Televisions may not provide sophisticated picture settings, such as modifying color gamut or black levels.

Although these functions are becoming more widespread in high-end TV models, Onn Televisions may not include them.

Not-So-Good Performance

It is worth noting that Onn Televisions are more affordable than other brands; thus, their performance may not be on par with more expensive models.

There are a few instances in which Onn Televisions’ poor performance becomes apparent:

  • Slow input response time.
  • The motion handling is not so great.
  • The sound quality is poor.
  • The processing power is limited.

Onn TV Complaints

Onn TV Complaints

Users have mixed reviews about Onn Televisions.

The most prevalent complaints are about the product’s lack of features, audio quality, performance, customer service, availability, and warranty.

It’s important to keep in mind that not every user may have these problems, and many are pleased with their Onn Televisions despite them.

Conclusion – Who makes Onn TVs?

Onn TVs, a budget-friendly brand by Walmart, offer exceptional value for price-conscious consumers.

Manufactured by various companies, they prioritize affordability over bells and whistles, making them ideal for everyday entertainment.

While lacking the advanced features of premium models, Onn TVs excel in delivering a clear picture and smooth streaming experience, perfect for movie nights, watching the game, or catching up on your favorite shows.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Onn TV Manufacturer Code?

Onn TV supports a wide variety of remote controls. Thus, its manufacturer codes vary accordingly. Codes like 4395, 4355, 3525, 2007, and 4483 are a few of them.

What Brand is Onn Roku TV?

Walmart’s private-label trade name, Durabrand, produces Onn Roku TVs. Unlike other smart TVs, Onn Roku TV already comes equipped with a robust but user-friendly Roku OS.

What is Onn TV Website?

The official website is onntvsupport.com which provides support and assistance for your Onn TV. It might also include other Onn Products. Roku TV models are available only at Walmart and on roku.com.

Which kind of TV Onn Offers?

Onn offers UHD Smart LED TVs and LED Roku Smart TVs. Their Smart TV HDR technology provides great value for money.

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