Marc Ray – CEO, Co-Founder, Writer

Marc Ray - Co-Founder, Writer
Marc Ray – CEO, Co-Founder, Writer

Marc helped start Domotics101 alongside Muhammad and is now the team’s lead writer. Marc has a journalistic background and a deep interest in technology, which drives him to write interesting and informative pieces on emerging developments in the “Home Automation” industry.

Marc has also written a book on How to get your home converted into a Smart Home in less than $250, which you can find on Kindle: Smart Home Hacks

Marc, as a CEO & co-founder, is essential in setting the site’s course and making sure our users get the best available material. He plans to collaborate closely with the team to generate fresh concepts and write top-notch pieces that engage, educate, and motivate our audience.

Marc is thrilled to be working at Domotics101, and he is always on the hunt for innovative new methods to automate the house.

If you’re interested in his work or want to keep up with the newest developments on the team, you can follow him on Twitter or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Don’t forget to visit our site for his most recent articles on home automation; we work hard to provide the most in-depth and up-to-date coverage on the subject possible.

You can have a quick chat with Marc at [email protected]. Learn more about us.

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