Who Makes Vizio TVs? [No, It is NOT the United States]

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Who Makes Vizio TVs?

Vizio TVs are made by Taiwanese and Chinese ODMs (Original design manufacturers) like ArmTran Technology, Foxconn, and a few others in China and then imported into US markets and sold under the Vizio name.

In recent years, Vizio has built a name for itself in the consumer electronics market.

They provide reasonably priced, high-quality televisions, making them popular among shoppers. The question of “Who makes Vizio TVs?” remains unanswered for many consumers. Today, I will investigate the background of Vizio to address this inquiry.

If you’re curious about the history and manufacturing of Vizio TVs, keep reading!

Vizio’s History and Mission

Vizio TV Founding Members William Wang, Laynie Newsome, and Ken Lowe

In 2002, William Wang, Laynie Newsome, and Ken Lowe founded Vizio Inc. in Los Angeles.

The business expanded from its roots as a PC monitor maker into producing TVs and sound bars. Vizio’s mission is to provide cutting-edge products at reasonable prices, and the company’s products include cutting-edge technology and entertainment.

Vizio is an independent company and an innovator in the field of internet-connected televisions because of the efforts of its founder, William Wang.

Being a publicly listed business, Vizio has established itself as a leader in the streaming industry with the help of its cutting-edge technology and excellent product lineup.

Who makes Vizio TVs?

The TVs manufactured by Vizio undergo a complex and precise production process that guarantees the finest quality result. They work with various OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to get their Televisions to market (ODMs).

Manufacturing Process of Vizio TVs

Manufacturing Process of Vizio TVs

AmTran Technologies Ltd., based in Taiwan, is a crucial cog in the production wheel. They collaborate closely with the Vizio design team and develop the Television parts, then send them to one of AmTran’s factories in China and finally assemble them to make the final product.

Before sending the final product to the stores, it undergoes extensive testing to guarantee it lives up to Vizio’s standards. Contrary to popular belief, Vizio is confident in the quality of its production process and the longevity of its goods since it provides a generous guarantee to its consumers.

Overall, Vizio’s manufacturing process is efficient and reliable, resulting in high-quality, long-lasting products that can hold their own against the industry’s best.

List of Manufacturing Companies that Partner with Vizio

List of Manufacturing Companies that Partner with Vizio

Vizio is notorious for contracting out its production to other parties. BOE (Beijing Oriental Electronics Group), Foxconn, Innolux, KIE, Tonly, TPV, and Zylux are just a few of the manufacturers that work with Vizio.

These manufacturers build TVs utilizing Vizio-licensed technology. Hon Hai Precision Industries, better known as Foxconn, is a significant investor and stakeholder of Vizio. The production of Vizio TVs includes the participation of a subsidiary of Foxconn.

Although some may question the wisdom of outsourcing production, Vizio has found that forming these partnerships can simplify its manufacturing process and provide customers with reduced prices without compromising quality.

Vizio’s use of Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs)

Vizio's use of Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs)

Regarding mass production of their TV designs, Vizio mainly depends on ODMs. These ODMs are primarily located in Taiwan and China and collaborate with other ODMs and OEMs to make final Vizio TVs for sale to consumers.

Nevertheless, if problems arise with its ODM partners, Vizio may face future difficulties due to outsourcing labor and manufacturing.

Despite this, Vizio works closely with its ODMs to build TVs that fulfill the required requirements, taking into account the customer experience and pricing.

AmTran Technology Ltd. Role in Manufacturing Vizio TVs

AmTran Technology Ltd. Role in Manufacturing Vizio TVs

AmTran Technologies Ltd. is a Taiwanese company and is one of the several manufacturers that provide Vizio with components for its televisions.

Several Vizio Smart TVs are assembled and manufactured by AmTran Technologies in their Asian plants. Vizio outsources production to AmTran Technologies primarily because of the superiority of their goods.

According to AmTran, Vizio and its consumers can be confident that AmTran will manufacture these televisions at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality. AmTran has been instrumental in Vizio’s rise to the top of the television industry.

Role of Foxconn in Vizio TVs’ Manufacturing

Role of Foxconn in Vizio TVs' Manufacturing

Another Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn is involved in Vizio’s TV manufacturing. They are one of the significant ODMs that Vizio works with, along with AmTran Technology.

It is important to note that while Foxconn has faced some controversies, its role in manufacturing Vizio TVs is significant. They produce many of Vizio’s TVs and ensure they meet Vizio’s quality and performance standards.

While Vizio does not have its factories, its partnerships with ODMs like Foxconn allow them to maintain control over the production process while keeping costs relatively low.

Overall, Foxconn’s involvement in Vizio’s manufacturing is crucial to how the company produces its TVs.

Warranty for Vizio TVs

Warranty for Vizio TVs

Regarding television manufacturers, Vizio has one of the most outstanding coverage plans available. All Vizio Televisions have a three-year guarantee against manufacturing flaws when used correctly and per the company’s guidelines.

If a covered product develops a problem within the warranty period, Vizio will, at its discretion, either repair or replace the product. Vizio is so confident in the quality of its products that it offers a generous warranty.

It demonstrates Vizio’s dedication to its consumers and willingness to stand behind the quality of its products.

Vizio has multiple ODMs mainly to keep the competition healthy and not have any monopoly on its supply chain.

Comparison with Top Dogs in Television Industry

Vizio TVs vs Other TV Brands

It’s crucial to consider several aspects when comparing Vizio Televisions to other industry leaders like Sony, LG, and Samsung.

While LG, Sony, and Samsung are more often associated with high-end products and cutting-edge technology, Vizio is a more cost-effective choice that doesn’t sacrifice quality. On the other side, Vizio is dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality screens and performance.

These brands have equivalent connectivity and innovative features, with Samsung TV’s Tizen OS standing out as particularly innovative. Vizio comes with the SmartCast operating system, which is primarily built over Chromecast Google OS.

Nevertheless, each brand has advantages and disadvantages, and the best TV brand is ultimately determined by personal taste and practical needs.

Common misconceptions about Vizio TVs

Common misconceptions about Vizio TVs

Although Vizio is a household name in the television business, common myths persist regarding the reliability and longevity of its products. Yet, the truth is quite different from these common misunderstandings.

In reality, Vizio TVs are made in collaboration with other industry leaders utilizing only the finest components and cutting-edge production methods. The company works with independent testing labs to further guarantee that its Televisions are up to snuff.

Vizio also gives its consumers peace of mind by including a lengthy warranty period on all its products. When compared to other leading TV brands like Sony, LG, and Samsung, the quality and functionality of a Vizio TV are almost the same.

Ultimately, correcting these false beliefs about Vizio televisions and recognizing the brand’s significant impact on the television industry is essential.

Here are a few street talks about Vizio TVs:

1. Vizio TV Models are Inferior compared to other Top Dogs!

Vizio TV Models are Inferior compared to other Top TV companies

Vizio is one of the most popular TV suppliers in the United States. However, the company has come under fire from customers who prefer alternative brands such as Sony, LG, or Samsung.

Vizio’s Televisions are a better alternative for those on a tighter budget since they provide comparable specifications and features at a lower price.

Moreover, Consumer Reports and CNET have both given Vizio high marks, attesting to the picture quality of its televisions. Rather than presuming that one TV brand is better, it is crucial to consider individual requirements and preferences when making a purchase decision.

2. Vizio TVs Lack Quality Certification and Standards

Vizio TVs Lack Quality Certification and Standards

There has been some confusion and criticism about the certification and quality criteria for Vizio TVs. Yet there’s a flaw in that reasoning.

In fact, Vizio is dedicated to obeying industry rules and meeting stringent quality requirements. To guarantee that Vizio televisions are safe and compliant with all applicable regulations, the company submits them to independent testing and certification by organizations like UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

Vizio also spends much on R&D to enhance the quality and functionality of its products, such as Televisions. Despite the lack of certifications like THX or the UHD Alliance Premium Seal, held by some of Vizio’s rivals, Vizio TVs have routinely garnered good marks from customers and reputable media sources.

3. Vizio TVs have Limited Smart Features and Connectivity Options

Vizio Televisions are generally seen as lacking compared to other leading TV makers regarding smart features and connection choices.

This, however, is mistaken for the most part. The VIZIO Mobile, formerly known as the SmartCast smartphone app, is an excellent addition to the voice control and built-in Chromecast that are included on all Vizio Televisions.

Connecting peripherals like game consoles, firesticks, and soundbars is a breeze with the many HDMI and USB connections included on Vizio Televisions.

If you’re searching for a TV with smart features and a simple connection, Vizio has a good variety, albeit not as comprehensive as some other companies.

4. Vizio TVs are not durable and long-lasting

A widespread misperception is that Vizio televisions are not as sturdy and reliable as other brands. Yet there’s a flaw in that reasoning.

All new Vizio TVs have a one-year limited warranty at a minimum, and many, notably the premium P-Series Quantum range, provide extended warranties of up to ten years. Additionally, Vizio provides an extra protection plan to cover accidental damage from spills, drops, and power surges.

Other than that, Vizio TVs are constructed from high-quality parts and tested extensively to guarantee their longevity and performance. They are made with energy efficiency in mind, including functions like auto power off and adjustable backlighting.

Vizio’s durability and long-lasting performance are on par with other leading TV manufacturers like Sony, LG, and Samsung. Some critics have even said that Vizio Televisions can endure for decades under normal conditions and with regular maintenance.

Vizio TV Issues and Troubleshoots

Vizio TV Issues and Troubleshoots

To be all honest, Vizio is not a strawberry company with no flaws, and you might have to face some issues with their products.

Vizio products are typically reliable but also cause issues sometimes. Users have complained about issues with their smart TVs, such as irregular operation and app failures.

Furthermore, certain Vizio Televisions may have trouble playing music or video or connecting to smart applications.

The TV’s internal speakers or external audio system break sometimes, and you can only watch the TV without any sound.

Some Vizio customers have also complained about software and firmware issues like screen freezes, poor responses, and crashes. Users may find these problems annoying even though Vizio may fix them in future software releases.

We have written detailed guides on how to fix these issues, and the most common fix is doing a soft reset.

  • You have to unplug your TV from the power outlet and press the power button for 30 seconds to drain the charge from the capacitors.
  • Release the button after 30 seconds and plug the TV back and it will surely fix the issue.

You can also read our detailed guides by clicking the links below:

Last Thoughts on Who Makes Vizio TVs

In conclusion, Vizio is a young American brand that manufactures televisions and soundbars. The company manufactures its quality products in China and Taiwan.

Vizio works with various manufacturers to guarantee its products are consistently reliable and up to performance with market requirements.

Foxconn, AmTran, and many other manufacturers produce these TVs under the Vizio brand.

Vizio’s Televisions are sometimes criticized for being of worse quality than those of competing companies, as well as for having fewer smart features and connection possibilities and for not being certified as meeting quality standards. Yet, Vizio has earned a reputation for manufacturing tremendous and inexpensive televisions, so these critiques are inaccurate.

Vizio has sold nearly 80 million TVs and 11 million soundbars since it was founded, and the company shows no signs of slowing down in its pursuit of technological excellence.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Vizio Owned by Sony?

If you thought Sony owned Vizio, think again. Those two businesses have nothing to do with one another. Vizio is an American company that sells TVs and sound bars.

Is Vizio made by Samsung?

No, Vizio is not a Samsung brand. The TVs sold under the Vizio brand have nothing to do with Samsung.

Where is Vizio TV Made?

Vizio TVs are designed and manufactured by AmTran Technologies and Foxconn in Taiwan.

Why are Vizio TVs so Cheap?

To save expenses, Vizio contracts with third-party factories in Taiwan to produce its TVs. Because of their focus on wholesale distribution in the United States, Vizio can maintain the prices of its televisions competitive with brands like Samsung and LG.

Who makes Vizio Sound Bars?

The soundbars are also produced in China and Taiwan by their ODM contractors.

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