Do Vizio TVs have Bluetooth? (We did the Research)

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I recently bought the latest Oled Vizio TV for my lounge downstairs.

I wanted to connect my Bluetooth Speakers to the TV as I was having a party with boys.

It was shocking to know that this $800 Vizio TV doesn’t support the connectivity of some Bluetooth devices.

So, what about your Vizio TV?

Do Vizio TVs have Bluetooth?

In all honesty, you’re out of luck because not even the priciest Vizio TVs do not have Bluetooth that support high-energy devices.

The ones that do only have LE Bluetooth (Low Energy Bluetooth connection) can only be used to pair your Vizio TV with their Vizio Mobile application, AirPods, iPad, Tablets, and some other Bluetooth devices which consume low energy.

So the question still exists,

How to connect other Bluetooth devices like some heavy speakers?

Well, I researched and found the possibilities for your and my sake!

How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers to My Vizio Smart TV?

Since a limited number of devices can be synced with your Vizio TV via Bluetooth LE, I looked into alternative methods and came up with a few.

There are two possible ways to do that for now:

  1. Get a Bluetooth Transmitter for Vizio TV
  2. Use Audio Out for your External Bluetooth Speakers

Method 1: Using Bluetooth Transmitter

Bluetooth Transmitter for Vizio TV

These days, technology has advanced to the point where there is very little lag time while using these tech devices like Bluetooth transmitters (indicating that there will be little to no delay in delivering the sound).

What is a Bluetooth transmitter?

A Bluetooth transmitter is a device that, when plugged into a gadget (Vizio TV, for this case) that does not have Bluetooth capabilities built-in, transforms it into a Bluetooth device that can perform all of its normal functions.

You can plug a Bluetooth transmitter into the Aux input or USB port on your Vizio TV’s back.

Here are some of the Best Vizio TV Bluetooth Transmitters available in the market.

Avantree Oasis Plus – Best Bluetooth Transmitter

Avantree Oasis Plus - Best Bluetooth Transmitter

It allows you to listen to your TV’s audio via a soundbar or external speakers in addition to your headphones.

It has a dual-mode wire/wireless Bluetooth transmitter/receiver with aptX HD, 164ft long-range, speech prompt, and volume control for your Vizio Smart TV.

It can be plugged into Aux Port and USB Port.

ZIIDOO – Budget Friendly (Under $20)

ZIIDOO - Budget Friendly (Under $20)

This transmitter has aptX Low Latency technology for lag-free transmission and reception of high-quality stereo sound.

You may stream music from your Vizio Smart TV to connected headphones or speakers without interference and strengthen your signals.

It is important to note that this transmitter may only be used with a Vizio TV with a headphone jack (Aux port).

1Mii ML300 – Best Buck for Your Money

1Mii ML300 - Best Buck for your Money

This one is my favorite because it is budget-friendly and has all the latest features you can get from other expensive Bluetooth transmitters.

It supports the aptX Low Latency Bluetooth codec and can link to two headphones simultaneously.

The only downside is it can only be plugged into the headphone jack (Aux Port) on your Vizio TV.

Method 2: Using Audio Out Ports on your Vizio TV

The Audio Out port on the back of most TVs may be used to connect a Bluetooth device for those who would rather not shell out the cash for a whole new gadget (Bluetooth Transmitter).

Audio Ports on Vizio TV

The crucial step here is to examine your Bluetooth device’s connection options to see whether or not they are compatible with the audio out ports on your Vizo TV.

You need a red and white Analog out port on your TV and an Aux port (headphone jack) on your Bluetooth device. Possessing such a thing will allow you to make a direct link.

Vizio has written a detailed guide on how to do this on their Site Manual.

Last Thoughts on Does Vizio Smart TV have Bluetooth

To sum up, although Vizio TVs do have a low-energy (LE) Bluetooth device, this only enables you to connect a handful of devices, such as your AirPods, tablets, and maybe a Bluetooth mouse, but it won’t do the job right if you’re trying to connect some powerful speakers.

There are, however, two ways to get around this. You can buy a Bluetooth transmitter or use the “Audio Out” port found at the back of your Vizio TV.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Know If My Vizio TV has Bluetooth?

To check if your Vizio TV supports Bluetooth pairing, simply press the Menu or Settings button on your remote and search for the “Bluetooth Headphones” options in the TV settings. If you can’t find it there, refer to your TV’s user manual or quick start guide for specific details about the Bluetooth functionality of your model.

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