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It’s frustrating if your Vizio TV abruptly stops turning on, yet the orange light remains on. Multiple accounts of Vizio TV owners have reported this issue, with some alleging it has been a problem for years.

So, I researched and found the issue is not that big and can be fixed easily.

Why my Vizio TV won’t turn on, but Orange Light is On?

There are multiple symptoms for your Vizio TV to act like this.

Let’s discuss the worst and most complex symptoms you can fix, but we don’t recommend doing so unless you have experience in electronics. You must contact Vizio Support for these.

  • It can happen because of the power-supply failure. (As mentioned on Vizio’s website, they will fix a TV under a year old for free under its warranty.)
  • It is possible that some components, such as the fuses, the capacitors, or the rectifiers, are broken or burnt out. (Bloated capacitors or burnt resistors need to be replaced.)
  • It can also be caused because of the accumulated dust inside it.

Now, let’s discuss some other symptoms that are easy to fix and don’t require you to open up the TV.

  • The Operating System of your TV is messed up.
  • The TV is trying to process a lot of tasks at once.
  • And there are several other software-related issues.

How to Fix the Vizio Orange Light Issue?

Now that you know what is causing your Vizio TV not to turn on, but the orange light is on, let’s fix the problem.

1. Reboot your TV

You must restart your Vizio television if it does not turn on.

  • Please turn off your television by unplugging it from the outlet. (Unplugging is a must; don’t just turn it off.)
Turn off your television by unplugging it from the outlet
  • Wait for a minimum of 30 seconds. (30 seconds without power will remove all the charge on capacitors.)
  • While the TV is unplugged, press and hold the power button on the TV for at least 30 seconds. (This helps to drain any power that may still be left in the TV and allows it to do a soft reset on its own. It is not the same as switching the power on and off with the remote.)
While the TV is unplugged, press and hold the power button on the TV for at least 30 seconds
  • After 30 seconds, plug your Vizio TV back in and turn it on.

Doing this will soft reset your TV, and hopefully, it will fix the issue.

Try other solutions below if you still have trouble getting your Vizio TV to turn on.

2. Reboot your Vizio TV Remote Control

Sometimes, the TV is OK, but the problem lies in the remote.

To ensure that, turn on your TV from the power button on the bottom right side. (It can be somewhere else, depending on your television model.)

Turn on your TV from the power button on the bottom right side

If the TV turns on, the remote control is faulty. To fix that, follow this troubleshooting:

  • Open up the back casing of the remote control and take out both batteries.
Open up the back casing of the remote control, and take out both batteries
  • Press and hold the power button on the remote for 20-30 seconds.
Press and hold the power button on the remote for 20-30 seconds
  • Put the batteries back in correctly.

Now, try using the remote again; if it doesn’t work, try replacing the batteries.

3. Factory Reset your Vizio TV


Resetting your TV will remove all your custom settings and take the TV back to the factory settings. So, after hard resetting, you will have to do the custom settings again.

Factory reset is also known as hard resetting a tech device. Follow these steps to factory reset your Vizio TV.

  • Look for the power button on the back of the TV. (Depending on the specific model, it can either be the left or right side.)
  • While the TV is turned ON, press and hold the Vol down and source/input button simultaneously for at least 10 seconds.
Press and hold the Vol down and source/input button simultaneously
  • Release the buttons when the dialog box appears, saying, “Hold the input button for 10 seconds.”
  • Now you’ll see Memory is being cleared on your TV screen.

This will restart your television with all the factory settings and data. It will also fix if there is anything with the operating system.

4. Ensure you have the Right Input Source

Incorrect input can also put a dark screen on your Vizio TV, which feels like the TV is OFF.

So, pick the correct input source.

Choose the correct input source

Whether using a streaming device, gaming console, or cable box, be sure your TV source/input matches the HDMI port number.

5. Remove Surge Protectors

Another widespread problem is that people protect most of their electronic equipment with surge protectors.

Surge protectors may sometimes prevent electricity from flowing, meaning your Vizio TV may not get enough juice to function correctly.

Remove Surge Protectors
  • Unplug your TV.
  • Please remove it from the surge protector.
  • Plug it back into the socket.

If the surge protector was the source of the problem, it should have been gone for good!

6. Check the Power Cord Condition

To ensure the power cord condition, follow these steps:

  • It is vital to ensure the wire is inserted into both the wall socket and the television correctly.
  • It is not always obvious when your TV has been removed from its power source, and even a loose connection in the power cable might disrupt the energy flow.
  • Verify that the plug is securely inserted into the socket. (To ensure it’s securely plugged in, you should disconnect it and then plug it back in again.)
Verify that the plug is securely inserted into the socket
  • The TV’s power outlet must be examined first, and then the cable to the back of the TV must be done with care. When kids or dogs play near the TV or when there’s a lengthy cable run to the outlet, it’s not uncommon for the power cord to get dislodged.)
  • As the extension cable length increases, the cord’s potential to become loose increases during TV rotation and movement.

7. Use a different Power Outlet

If you’ve had no success, try connecting your Vizio TV to a different power outlet.

A blown fuse or a short in an electrical socket is a common problem.

If you don’t feel like lugging your TV, the second option is to take a smaller appliance and utilize the outlet that your TV would generally occupy.

If the appliance turns on when plugged into the outlet, you know the outlet is functional, and the gadget is not the problem.

8. Replace Internal Components


If you open your Vizio TV to replace the parts, you are responsible for this action. We (Domotics101) are just providing this information for educational purposes.

With the proper knowledge of electronics, you can check the boards for power issues and fix them.

Remove vizio tv back cover

Common causes of a non-working Vizio TV include a faulty power supply board. Capacitors, transistors, and diodes are the power supply board components most prone to failure.

Vizio TV power supply board

A faulty T-Con board will likely be blamed if the Vizio TV has the correct power inputs but won’t switch on. In a nutshell, the Timed Controller Board transmits signals to the display (LCD or LED). The whole picture is more complicated, but that’s the gist.

If you have never taken apart a TV, it is probably better to let a professional repair person handle your Vizio TV. Disassembly requires extreme precision and attention to detail and might put the TV in danger if you make a mistake. (Tight and fragile wire connections and high-power circuits make it easy to cause harm to the TV or yourself accidentally.)

9. Contact Vizio Customer Care

If none of the solutions works for you, then your TV may have more difficulties that can only be fixed by calling tech support. Calling Vizio customer care is probably the best solution in this case.

If your Vizio TV is malfunctioning, the company’s customer service personnel can probably assist you over the phone or direct you to where to send it for repair.

If you still have your TV under warranty, then calling Vizio should be the priority.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, your Vizio TV won’t turn on, but the orange light does for various reasons. The issue can be as simple as multiple tasks processing or as complex as internal parts being burnt.

If. the solutions in this guide fixed the issue, that is great, but if the problem is still there, try contacting Vizio support.

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