Muhammad Luqman Khan – Co-Founder, Editor

Muhammad L. Khan - Co-Founder, Editor
Muhammad L. Khan – Co-Founder, Editor

Muhammad had the idea to start writing about daily-life issues in the Smart Home industry and shared the idea with his Internet friend Marc in October 2022. They both started Domotics101 together to teach consumers how to fix their smart-home tech by themselves at home.

Muhammad has a wide range of abilities and expertise. He has worked in a variety of fields, giving him a well-rounded set of skills that he currently puts to use at Domotics101.

Muhammad has a technical background and enjoys imparting his knowledge to others. He is dedicated to updating the site with cutting-edge information in the smart home sector and improving the quality of the content already available.

He hopes that his contributions to the development and success of Domotics101 will benefit others as he has been helped by the site.

You can follow him on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn or reach out to him at