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When your Xfinity remote shows green followed by red flashes, ensure it’s within 50 feet of the set-top box and powered on. If this doesn’t help, either reset your remote (hold ‘Setup’ until the LED turns green, then key in 9-8-1) or pair it again with your set-top box.

The Xfinity X1 platform, especially the X1 Voice Remote, is a popular choice among users.

The Xfinity Voice Remote transforms spoken commands into on-screen actions seamlessly. However, sometimes the remote might flash green and then red, indicating a problem.

Tired of seeing my dad struggle with the remote, I sought a lasting solution to this recurring issue.

Diagnosing the Xfinity Remote’s Green and Red Flashes

After researching various Xfinity forums and online resources, I successfully addressed the issue with the Xfinity remote flashing green then red.

Since a single solution won’t work for everybody, I’ll guide you through all the solutions I have uncovered. Then, you may use the one that fits you.

So, how can you ensure the remote operates correctly and resolve this issue?

Why is my Xfinity remote blinking green and then red?

If the green light on your Xfinity remote turns red, it typically indicates one of the following reasons:

  • The set-top box associated with your Xfinity remote is not switched ON.
  • Xfinity set-top box is too far away to be controlled by the Xfinity remote.

Addressing the Xfinity remote’s green and red flashing is straightforward once you understand the symptoms. I have written five easy ways to resolve the issue.

1. Ensure Close Proximity to the Set-top Box

Stay within the 50 feet radius of the Set-top Box

Your remote employs the “Aim Anywhere Technology.” Ensure you’re within fifty feet of the set-top box to use this feature effectively. Therefore, moving closer to the device could solve your problem.

If getting closer to the device helps fix the issue, great; if not, try the solutions listed below.

2. Restart the Xfinity Set-top Box

Restart your Xfinity Set-top Box

Suppose the worst-case scenario: you are holding the remote control way too close to the set-top box, and it is still not working; what to do now?

Well, nothing to worry about. Let’s apply the mother-tech solution, which we know as “Rebooting.”

Restarting a tech device cures most of the advanced tech issues we face today because it terminates most of the operations a device is processing.

Restarting your Xfinity set-top box is entirely safe. All your settings, PINs, and data will remain unchanged after the reboot.


Do not reboot if you are recording, as this will interrupt and corrupt the recording process.

However, you won’t lose any programs that have been pre-recorded, and there’s no need to reschedule any recordings that have already been set.

Now that you are aware of all the pros and cons of rebooting your set-top box, we can proceed and reboot it.

There are multiple ways to reboot, but the easiest is unplugging the set-top box from the power outlet. Then, wait at least 30 seconds and plug it back in.

If you cannot reach out to the power cord, you can also press the power button on the set-top box to turn it off and press it again after 30 seconds to turn it back on.

That’s it, and your device has been restarted.

I hope it helps and fixes the remote disconnection issue. But if your Xfinity remote flashes green and then red again, you might have to re-pair the remote with the set-top box.

3. Re-pair the Remote with the Set-top Box

Pair the remote again with the Set-top Box

Before pairing, turn on your TV and set-top box, and check the remote batteries.

Now follow these steps to pair the Xfinity remote with your TV:

  1. Press and hold the Setup button until the red LED at the top changes to green.
  2. Now, hold the Xfinity button until the LED turns green. On-screen instructions will appear. If you have an XR2/XR5 remote or more than one set-top box in range, you may need to press it a few times.
  3. Enter the three-digit pairing code that appears on the screen.
  4. After entering the appropriate code, your remote control should be linked successfully.

Although this pairing method only works for most Xfinity remotes, the latest XR15 and XR16 may not be paired with this method.

Pairing Instructions for XR15 Remotes

  1. While at the same time, press the Xfinity and info buttons. Hold for 5 seconds or until the indicator light turns red to green. (You can also use the mute button and Xfinity button.)
  2. Please enter the 3-digit pairing code that appears on the screen.
  3. Your remote will be successfully linked after entering the correct code.

Following the completion of the pairing process, a series of instructions will be shown on the screen. Follow the instructions to finish the setup.

Pairing Instructions for XR16 Voice Remotes

The first thing you have to do is reset your XR16 remote, so it gets back to the factory settings.

To do that,

  1. Press and hold the Info button and Home button together for 5 seconds. (You will see the indicator turns red to green.)
  2. Once the LED turns green, press the power button.
  3. Then press the Volume Down button.
  4. Finally, press the Back-arrow button.

That’s it; your remote will be factory reset. Now, you have to pair it again with the Xfinity set-top box.

To pair the XR16 with your TV, 

Press that big microphone button in the middle while pointing it at your Xfinity set-top box.

At this time, a series of instructions will be shown on the screen. Follow the instructions to complete the process. 

4. Reset the Xfinity Set-top Box to Factory Defaults

Reset the Xfinity Set-top Box

If nothing above works and you are still facing the Xfinity remote green to red problem, you might have to do some hard resetting.

Here’s how to hard reset the Xfinity set-top box without using the remote:

Resetting via the Xfinity My Account Mobile App

  • To access the TV option inside the app, go to the bottom of the Overview menu.
  • Select the set-top box you want to reset.
  • Tap on Troubleshoot and click on then tap on Continue.
  • Select System Refresh.

That’s it; your set-top box will be restarted with all the factory settings.

5. Seek Assistance from Xfinity Customer Care

Contact Xfinity Customer Care

If none of these methods successfully resolve your Xfinity remote flashing green and then red problem, your only remaining option is to seek assistance from a specialist.

Visit the Xfinity website or contact them directly at 1-800-XFINITY.

Additional Considerations and Tips

To summarize, the above five methods can help address the Xfinity remote’s flashing lights issue.

Before doing a factory reset, reconsider since it deletes all your data and settings.

Since I solved this problem, Xfinity X1 has been considerably more convenient.

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