Why is my AirTag Beeping? 5 Reasons to Know (Fix in SECONDS)

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Why is my AirTag Beeping

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The AirTag beeps for several reasons. It can be because you are quite far from your AirTag, or it might be trying to notify you of a lost item. The AirTag will also beep if it faces a connectivity issue or outdated firmware. The simplest solution is to keep your AirTag in your iPhone’s range most of the time!

Apple’s AirTag has completely transformed how we keep track of our belongings because of its small size and accurate tracking capabilities.

However, sometimes AirTags randomly start beeping without any solid reason, pushing me to investigate why it does so, and after spending a few hours researching, I found Five primary reasons, which I will share in this guide!

With that said, let’s get started!

Why is my AirTag Beeping?

In simple and plain English, Apple designed AirTags only to track your belongings and to keep you updated about them!


Apple’s AirTags were not designed for stalking, but unfortunately, some people have used them for this purpose. As a result, Apple has added additional security features to AirTags, such as beeping.

A single AirTag can be linked to a single Apple ID at a time, and you cannot connect or pair it to other devices without resetting it!

With this information in mind, here is a list of conditions when an AirTag will produce a beeping sound:

  1. When the linked iPhone is far from the AirTag’s range.
  2. When you’re traveling with an unknown AirTag (Someone’s tracking you.)
  3. When you try to find an unknown AirTag that is moving with you using your phone.
  4. When you’re trying to find your AirTag using “Find My App” intentionally or accidentally.

Exploring AirTag Beeps: Official Apple Video Guide

Check out this official Apple video to learn about the different beeps AirTag may produce under different conditions.

There are other cases in which you will hear a beeping sound, but that is not official and can be caused by connection issues or a malfunction in your AirTag.

So now you are well aware of the primary reasons, let’s get into their depths and how to fix each case.

Reason 1: You are way too far from your AirTag

You are way too far from your AirTag

If an AirTag has been away from the linked device for an extended period, it will begin to produce a beeping sound as a reminder.

This beep triggers due to the fact that Apple has designed AirTag to remain nearby for you to monitor your possessions constantly.

One of the core functions of AirTags, “Notify When Left Behind,” is the reason behind this beep. It gets triggered when the Apple device – either an iPhone or iPad – that you have paired your AirTag with is separated from your AirTag for an extended period.

Notify When Left Behind

Nonetheless, some individuals may find this beeping sound irritating. Here’s a resolution for this issue.


You can add exception areas in the “Find My App” where it will not trigger the beeping sound.

Add locations where you don't want to be notified.
Credit: Apple

For example, you can set your Home and Office as the known locations, so if you are not in close range of the AirTags while in these known locations, it will not trigger the beep.

Reason 2: Notifying of a Lost Item Separated from the Owner

The AirTags will also beep when it gets separated from the owner, and the owner intentionally beeps it using the “Find my app.”

It will beep continuously and loudly.


It’s standard procedure. Once you’ve located the AirTag, all you need to do is bring an iPhone close to the AirTag and click on the link on the screen. It will show you the device details and the owner’s contact information.

Tap and hold AirTag on phone back. Tap the top notification!

If the AirTag displays as the lost device, you can contact the device’s owner using the contact information provided on the page.

nformation about the owner's details when Lost Mode is enabled for a found item.

Reason 3: Your AirTag is Moving with Someone who has an iPhone

When an individual with an iPhone gets safety notifications that your AirTag is detected moving with them, the AirTag begins to make a beeping noise. This protective measure is intended to warn them of potential tracking by an unfamiliar AirTag, even if Lost Mode isn’t activated.

Notification of AirTag Found Moving With You

The “Find My App” on the iPhone allows users to select “Play Sound” on the detected unknown AirTag in their vicinity.

This anti-tracking function aids in preventing undesired tracking; however, it can be bothersome in certain scenarios. For instance, if someone with an iPhone is pet-sitting your dog with an AirTag in their collar, they could get the notification and opt to play the sound.


Let’s say you have installed an AirTag in your Bike, and your friends want to have it for a date.

So, it will be better just to let them know in advance so they won’t freak out when they receive the alert that an unknown AirTag is traveling with them and press the “Play beep” button.

Reason 4: Outdated Firmware

Apple routinely provides firmware updates for AirTags to enhance performance and eliminate bugs.

This update process is fully automated, with no manual option for updating available.

Outdated AirTag Firmware

If you haven’t updated your AirTag, it may start beeping to remind you of updates!


When an update option becomes available for your AirTag, do it as soon as possible to ignore any unnecessary beeps.

Ensure your phone is close to the AirTag to download the updates automatically.

Ensure the Bluetooth feature is enabled, and the internet connection is functioning correctly to perform the necessary steps for updating the AirTag.

Reason 5: Your AirTag is Malfunctioned

There are instances when your AirTag could malfunction and start beeping for no apparent reason.


The only possible solution is to power cycle your AirTag to fix it if this is the case.

  1. Press down the polished stainless steel and rotate it in the anti-clockwise direction.
AirTag Remove Replace Battery
Source: Apple
  1. It will loosen the lid so that you can remove it.
  2. Remove the battery inside, and wait 20-30 seconds.
  3. Put the battery back inside, and close the lid by pressing again and rotating it clockwise.
  4. This process is known as power cycling and will likely fix your AirTag.

How to Stop my AirTag Beeping if there is no valid Reason?

Although the chances are rare, there is a possibility that your AirTag is beeping without any solid reason!

Well, if that is the case, then your AirTag is malfunctioning, and you can troubleshoot it by power cycling, as I have mentioned above in Reason#5.

But if that does not work, there are other troubleshooting methods that you can give a try before taking it to Apple’s store (cuz this ain’t cheap)!

Without further ado, let’s get to a few troubleshooting techniques!

1. Unpair and Re-Pair the AirTag with your iPhone

Let’s start with removing your AirTag from its linked iPhone/iPad and pairing it again. The process is simple yet very powerful troubleshooting, which can fix numerous issues!

To unpair your AirTag, follow these steps:

  1. Open the “Find My App” on your iPhone/iPad.
  2. Select “Items.”
  3. Select the AirTag that keeps beeping.
  4. Tap “Remove Item” at the bottom of the list.
Unpair the AirTag with your iPhone
  1. Confirm your action to remove the AirTag from your Apple account.

Now, you have to pair it again, and a good tip here is to power cycle your AirTag before adding it and pairing it again.

  1. Remove the back stainless steel cover by pressing and rotating it anti-clockwise.
  2. Remove the battery and wait for 20 seconds.
  3. Put the battery back inside.
  4. Put the lid back, push it, and rotate clockwise to close it.
Power cycle AirTag by removing the battery

Now, you need to pair it again. Bring your iPhone close to the AirTag, and it will detect it automatically and start the pairing process. All you have to do is to follow the on-screen steps.

2. Factory Reset your AirTag

A factory reset should fix the issue if you’re frustrated and your AirTag won’t stop making noise. Going through the process of resetting an AirTag is fairly simple.

Follow these steps to reset your AirTag:

  1. Open the back lid of your AirTag.
  2. Remove the battery and insert it again five times. (The first four times, you will hear the same beep; the 5th time, you will hear a different-sounding beep, which ensures the reset has been successful.)
  3. Close the lid!

Here is a great video that explains how you can reset your AirTag.

After resetting, you must pair the AirTag again to your iPhone.

3. Get a New Battery for your AirTag

There is a possibility that your AirTag’s battery is about to expire, and it keeps beeping to remind you to replace it.

Although this is not official, some Reddit users said their AirTags stopped beeping randomly after changing the battery.

So, before ordering a new battery, you can check the health of the current one before buying a new one.

  1. In your AirTag linked iPhone, go to “Find My App.”
  2. Tap on “Items.”
  3. Select your AirTag.
  4. You need to get a new battery if there is any “Low Battery” indicator.
Low Battery indicator on AirTag


Remember that as of iOS 16.1, the AirTags battery meter is no longer accessible. The battery will only alert you when it reaches dangerously low levels.


Just for your information, AirTag uses a CR2032 Battery without bitterant coatings, which you can order easily from Amazon.

Once you get the new battery, you can easily replace it using the following method:

  1. Remove the polished steel lid of your AirTag by pressing it and rotating anti-clockwise.
  2. Remove the old battery.
  3. Insert the new battery.
  4. Put the lid back on, push it, and rotate it clockwise.

This is it! Hopefully, it will fix the issue, and your AirTag will stop beeping for good!

Last Thoughts on AirTag Keeps Beeping

Upon concluding my research on the beeping of AirTags, it’s evident that every single beep carries a distinct meaning.

Whether it’s reminding us about a spatial separation between things, notifying us about lost items, or warding off unwelcome tracking, the beeping plays a crucial role.

Equipped with this information, you can ensure a seamless experience with your AirTag, safeguard your possessions, and maintain your privacy.

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