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Why does my AirTag say "Last Seen"?

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AirTag’s “Last Seen” states that when an AirTag was last in communication with another Apple device (iPhone, iPad, or a Macbook) that broadcasted the AirTag’s location to the “Find My network.”

If you have recently bought an AirTag, you might wonder why your AirTag says “Last Seen” instead of showing its current location.

Well, we have the answers for you! In this guide, I will explain why your AirTag says last seen instead of showing its live location in the “Find My” app.

Why does my AirTag says “Last Seen”?

The most straightforward answer is that the AirTag has no GPS installed, so it cannot provide an exact location. Instead, it connects to other Apple devices, such as an iPhone, iPad, or a Macbook, via Bluetooth and updates its location.

So, the last time it gets around an Apple device to update its location is why it says “Last Seen.”

If you have lost your AirTag recently, and the “Last Seen” status was a long time ago (more than 30 minutes), that indicates that your AirTag is in an isolated area where there aren’t enough Apple devices, or there aren’t enough people passing by with Apple devices.

Does AirTag Compromise my Privacy while Connecting to Other Apple Devices?

You might wonder if AirTags compromises your privacy while connecting to other Apple devices.

Apple has ensured that AirTag does not compromise privacy while connecting to other devices. When you pair your AirTag to your iPhone, only you can track its location.

Does AirTag Compromise my Privacy while Connecting to Other Apple Devices?

When your AirTag connects to another device to update its location in the Apple servers, the process is highly encrypted and anonymous, so neither your AirTag will share any data with the connected device nor the connected device will share any data with your AirTag.

How Often Does AirTag Update its Location?

AirTag can update its location every 60 to 120 seconds.

Still, the actual update frequency depends on several factors, such as the availability of nearby devices, the proximity of those devices to the AirTag, and the movement of the AirTag itself.

If the AirTag is crowded with many smartphones nearby, It can refresh its location as often as every minute or two.

However, the updates may be less frequent if the AirTag is in an isolated area.

It is important to note that AirTag is designed primarily for locating lost or misplaced items rather than providing real-time tracking.

You must also consider battery life and usability when determining how often your AirTag updates its location data.

Why is my AirTag “Last Seen” Status not Updating?

If your AirTag’s “last seen” status is not updating, it can be caused by several reasons.

One of the most common reasons is a low or dead battery. You can check the battery level of your AirTag in the Find My app. If the battery is low, replace it with a new CR2032 battery. (I have explained the steps to replace the battery below.)

Why is my AirTag "Last Seen" Status not Updating?

There is also a possibility that your AirTag is in an area without enough connectivity or there aren’t enough people passing by with an Apple device.

Another known reason the “last seen” status is not updating could be a weak Bluetooth signal or a malfunctioning AirTag. In order to fix it, you can try resetting your AirTag. (I have explained how to reset an AirTag below.)

If your AirTag is in “Lost Mode,” that will also disable the “Last Seen” status.

The last cause can be from your “Find My” app side. If you have opened the app for a long time, that can also cause the “Last Seen” status to be stuck. Just restart the app to see if the status updates or not.

Troubleshooting AirTag “Last Seen” Status

So now you know what causes the “Last Seen” status of your AirTag to get stuck in the “Find My” app, let’s get to the troubleshooting methods to fix this issue.

1. Ensure your iPhone is Connected to the Internet

The first method is simple: you must ensure that your iPhone or device you have paired with the AirTag is connected to the internet and the internet is functioning.

Ensure your iPhone is Connected to the Internet

The “Find My” network is based on the cloud, and to access these server’s data, your must connect your iPhone to the internet.

Simply open up any website in your phone’s browser. If the website opens up, your phone’s internet is working, but if it doesn’t, that means your phone is not connected to the internet, and the “Last seen” location of your AirTag won’t update in the “Find My” app.

2. Restart the “Find My” App

Restart the Find My App

You might have opened the “Find My” app and forgot about it, and when you open it again, your phone will open up the minimized version of the app.

If that is the case, there are chances that the app will not show you the updated AirTag location.

Simply close the app and reopen it, which will fix the issue. If that won’t fix it, try restarting your phone.

3. Replace the AirTag Battery

You need to make sure that your AirTag has a healthy battery life. You can easily check the battery status in the “Find My” app.

Open the “Find My” app on your paired Apple device, and go to “Items. Select the AirTag causing the issue, and if you see a status indicating “Low battery,” you must buy and replace a new battery.

In case the battery is low, buy a new CR2032 battery. You can easily find it on Amazon.

Once you have the battery, open the back steel cover of the AirTag by pressing and rotating it anticlockwise. Replace the battery, put the lid back on, push it, and rotate clockwise.

Replacing the AirTag Battery

That’s it! You have successfully replaced the battery.

4. Ensure the “Lost Mode” is Disabled on the “Find My” App

If your AirTag is in lost mode, the location will not update in the “Find My” app.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the “Find My” app and go to “Items.”
  2. Select your AirTag.
  3. Scroll down to “Lost Mode” and ensure it is disabled.
Ensure the "Lost Mode" is Disabled on the "Find My" App

5. Reset your AirTag

If you have tried all of the troubleshoots above and the location is still not updating, there are chances that your AirTag is malfunctioned.

Try resetting your AirTag to fix it. Follow these steps to reset your AirTag.

  1. Press and rotate the stainless steel cover on the rear of your AirTag anticlockwise to open it.
  2. Take out the battery, wait 2 seconds, and insert it again. Do this four more times. (The first four beeps will be identical; the fifth time, the beep sound will be somewhat different, signifying a successful reset.)
  3. Put the stainless steel cover back, push it down, and turn clockwise to close it.

Last Thoughts on Airtag Last Seen

In conclusion, if your AirTag displays a “Last Seen” status instead of providing a live location, it’s because AirTags do not have built-in GPS.

They rely on Bluetooth connections with nearby Apple devices to update their location in the “Find My” network.

The data transfer while connecting to other Apple devices is encrypted and privacy-focused, ensuring that only you can track your AirTag.

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