Spectrum Throttling Internet (2023) – How to Fix it in Seconds?

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Spectrum Internet is Throttling

If your Spectrum internet is slow compared to what the company advertised, then my friend, you are not alone!

Spectrum Internet speeds may be sluggish for various reasons, and there may be a number of solutions, depending on the case’s specifics.

My mother recently had trouble doing Facetime and asked me to fix it. As she is a customer of Spectrum, I found that her Internet was way slower than what she was paying for.

So, the first thing I did was call Spectrum helpline, which didn’t work out, and upon my research, I found out that Spectrum was throttling the Internet!

Let’s have a deep dive into it!

What is Spectrum Internet Throttling?

If your ISP deliberately slows down your connection speed, they are “throttling” the Internet.

When many consumers attempt to access the Internet simultaneously, delays are possible. If you exceed your monthly data limit, your Internet service provider may slow your connection.

How to tell if Spectrum is Throttling my Internet?

If you suspect that Spectrum is throttling your internet speed, you may do some investigating.

Spectrum isn’t intentionally slowing your connection speed if you’re experiencing it since there are several potential causes of sluggish Internet.

Test your connection speed by connecting to a VPN

These tests will help you determine whether Spectrum is the cause of your poor Internet connection or not:

  • Test your connection speed by connecting to a VPN server. Spectrum may restrict your connection if VPN speeds are noticeably higher than without a VPN.
  • If you do a speed test in the morning, evening, and night and see a significant change, Spectrum is definitely screwing things up.

If your Internet speed is the same with and without a VPN, and the speeds remain consistent throughout the day, Spectrum may not be throttling your connection, and the problem may lie on your end.

In that case, I suggest you go through this guide:

  • How to Fix Slow Spectrum Internet

Why does Spectrum Throttle my Internet? Is it Legal?

Why does Spectrum Throttle my Internet? Is it Legal?

The United States of America is one of the few countries where Internet Throttling is sanctioned. But it has resulted in many complaints from Spectrum subscribers.

Many Spectrum Internet customers believe they are being intentionally throttled to sell them a more costly plan.

If you have been facing Internet Throttling from Spectrum, it may be due to the following:

  • Bandwidth Caps: Most ISPs have limits on the total amount of data you may transfer in a given billing cycle. If your internet speed has been reduced, contact your ISP (Spectrum in this case) to find out why. This wasn’t a problem since I have the fastest package. The My Spectrum mobile application can track your package and consumption details.
  • Congestion: Congestion in the network may result from excessive Internet usage. There might be a wide disparity in the speed of internet access. Spectrum may impose regional limits on internet access to ensure that all residents may utilize the service.
  • Illegal activities: If Spectrum learns that you are accessing illegal websites, such as those that facilitate content piracy (Torrent Sites), they may reduce your Bandwidth. As such, Spectrum may be only doing what the law requires.
  • Product Priority: With the elimination of net neutrality rules in 2018, ISPs may throttle customer connections in favor of paid prioritization. If your internet service provider (ISP) also provides streaming services, they may throttle your connection whenever you use Hulu or Netflix to steer you toward their own.

In 2018, Spectrum faced accusations that it throttle Internet speeds for Netflix users.

What to do if my Spectrum is Throttling my Internet? The Fixes!

There are a number of ways you can stop Spectrum from throttling your Internet; let’s discuss them thoroughly!

1. Use a VPN

Use a VPN

We have discussed above how a VPN can tell you if your ISP is throttling your Internet; in the same way, a VPN is the best solution to Internet Throttling!

Spectrum’s server-to-receiver traffic is encrypted and concealed via a virtual private network (VPN). Hence, they can’t legally impede your traffic flow if they don’t know where it’s heading.

VPNs conceal HD streaming from the Spectrum as well. Excellent speeds on BitTorrent, Twitch, Netflix, and Hulu without any throttling.

In this way, you may avoid having your internet access slowed down by Spectrum.

If you’ve been experiencing throttling and would want to restore full speed, a VPN is the way to go. With a VPN, Spectrum will have no idea what you’re up to online and will have no reason to throttle your connection.

2. Use your Internet at Off-Peak Hours!

Use your Internet at Off-Peak Hours!

If you’re seeing throttling far before your data limit is reached, network congestion is likely to blame.

To avoid throttling, you should refrain from using the Internet during peak hours and schedule large-scale downloads and streaming for times when fewer people are online (Offpeak Hours).

If throttling occurs regularly, submit a complaint to Spectrum to resolve it. They might choose to ignore the issue or provide a complimentary service update.

3. Stay under the allowed Bandwidth!

Stay under the allowed Bandwidth!

If you use the Internet often, you may notice a slowdown because of your data cap. The solution is to keep close tabs on your monthly Internet use.

The following steps will help you disable throttling after you have determined your typical monthly data usage:

  • Reduce your monthly data use to ensure you don’t exceed your allotted amount.
  • After your monthly allotment of high-speed data, you will be charged extra to continue using it.
  • Increasing your monthly data allowance is as simple as upgrading your plan.

Furthermore, if you feel Spectrum’s data limitations are too low or that they charge excessively for additional Bandwidth, you may switch to a different ISP.

If you are planning to switch to another ISP, we have written a guide on how to cancel Spectrum Internet easily.

Spectrum Throttling Internet: Conclusion

To conclude, if your Spectrum Internet is slow, there is a possibility that Spectrum itself is behind it!

Spectrum might be throttling your Internet, and you can fix it by just using a VPN.

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