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Spectrum Internet Is Slow

Spectrum Internet can be slow because of a number of reasons!

You can troubleshoot the slow Spectrum Internet if the problem is on your end.

Most of the time, a slower internet connection may be fixed just by rebooting your modem or router, but there’s a chance that your provider is having issues causing the poor speeds you’re seeing.

Let’s have a deep dive into it!

Why my Spectrum Internet is Slow?

Your Spectrum Internet can be slow either from your end or from Spectrum’s end.

Sometimes Spectrum slows down your Internet for the following reasons:

  • The increased traffic volume on your network may be slowing down your Internet.
  • You might be browsing some illegal sites recently, which include torrent sites.
  • Spectrum may limit your connection when you use Hulu or Netflix to drive you to their cable service. (Sadly, this is legal.)

So if Spectrum is doing it, we can call it Spectrum Internet Throttling, and we have written a complete guide on how to fix it.

Back in 2020, Spectrum agreed to pay $18.8 million to resolve charges that it had intentionally slowed Internet speeds for its consumers.

Other cases of slow Internet which lies on your end are: 

  • You might be using Out-of-date Devices.
  • Your network management might be poor.
  • Spectrum Internet Outages.
  • Your cables might be damaged.
  • Your Router/Modem might not be compatible with your Spectrum’s package.
  • You have far too many devices connected to your router.
  • You have exceeded your bandwidth cap.

Some other factors also affect Internet speeds, which we will discuss later.

For now, let’s get into troubleshooting the slow Spectrum Internet!

How to Fix Slow Spectrum Internet?

How to Fix Slow Spectrum Internet?

First, you should be aware of your monthly speed in your plan and how it compares to the speed you are actually receiving.

  • Install and Log in to the My Spectrum app to know the Internet speed of your plan.
  • Do 3-speed tests in a single day at different times. (That way, you will have enough data about your Internet speed.)

Spectrum is throttling your Internet if the speed tests have a significant difference, but if it’s roughly the same but not as fast as you pay for, the problem is on your end.

If the problem is on your end, try these fixes.

1. Restart your Router and Modem

Both your modem and router work 24/7 and things start to get messed up, so sometimes turning the power off and back on will do them good.

Restart your Router and Modem

To restart your modem and router:

  • Unplug them from the socket.
  • Wait for 30 seconds.
  • Plug them back again.

If you are also using wireless gateways, restart them as well.

2. Manage your Home Network

Managing your home network will also help improve your Internet speed.

This is how you should manage your home network:

  • Use Guest Mode for visitors: It’s OK to let visitors use your Internet when they visit, but you shouldn’t have to worry about them sneaking off to download movies and TV shows without your knowledge. This is when the guest network function of your router comes in handy.
  • Use Wireless Gateways: Your current Wi-Fi network may be expanded with the help of a wireless gateway. They serve as both an access point and a router. In order to improve the Wi-Fi signal quality all across your house, wireless gateways should be considered.
  • Use QoS Settings: The QoS feature lets you prioritize data usage for different tasks on many modern routers. This way, you can guarantee that your streaming data is given priority (if you want) in case of bandwidth shortage.
  • Use 5GHz band for your Wi-Fi: Most advanced routers also offer dual-band features. If you need higher data transfer rates inside a more limited area, consider upgrading to 5 GHz from 2.4 GHz. (However, if you are not using wireless gateways, you should prefer using 2.4 GHz because of the long range of signals.)

3. Change your Outdated Devices

Change Outdated Devices

Rather than being an issue with your Internet, your device might be at fault.

Your computer, tablet, phone, or gaming console may be too old to handle the speeds provided by modern Wi-Fi networks.

For example, the iPhone 4 can only handle speeds up to 150 Mbps because it has Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n). The security protocol and router it connects to may also impact the data transfer rates, reducing the speed even further. So your iPhone 4 will never enjoy your 1 gigabit (if you have it) connection, which is a standard nowadays.

4. Update your Router Firmware

The process of updating a router’s firmware is different for each model. Instructions for updating the firmware on your router can be found on the user manual or the brand’s website.

Update your Router Firmware

To update the firmware for Spectrum’s routers, follow these guidelines:

  • Download the latest firmware version of your router’s model from the Spectrum website.
  • On your browser, enter the Gateway IP Address “” to access the router. (The router’s default login credentials are typically written on the back.)

Important: The gateway IP can also be different for your case.

  • Once you are at the backend of your router, go to Advanced.
  • Go to Administration or System Administration.
  • Find Router Firmware or Firmware Upgrade.
  • Select Choose File.
  • Click on Upload and Click on Yes to confirm.

That’s it. Your router will be updated to the latest firmware and will start performing better.

5. Your Router or Modem is OLD!

Your Router or Modem is OLD

If your router firmware update doesn’t fix the problem, replacing it will.

Formerly a luxury, Spectrum now provides packages with speeds up to 1 Gbps, making connections in the 10-25 Mbps range seem like a bargain.

It may be necessary to shell out some cash to upgrade your outdated network hardware now that the Internet has advanced.

Even if you have a brand-new router, it won’t help if you’re connected to the Internet at dial-up speeds.

Because new hardware and networking technologies are meant to function together, a router many generations behind the times will struggle to keep up with the demands of a contemporary internet connection.

If you have a modern router but only 10 Mbps of internet speed, the router will not be able to handle the lower data rate since it was not intended to.

In addition, older routers can only handle a maximum of three devices simultaneously.

Examining your Spectrum package is the first step toward a solution. If Spectrum provides internet service, they may advise which router works best with their network.

To avoid this problem in the future, I recommend replacing your routers and other network equipment every three years.

6. Limit the Connected Devices to your Wi-Fi

Limit the Connected Devices to your Wi-Fi

There might be some devices on your network that you never use.

Consider the case where you upgraded your streaming device from Roku to Firestick but left the Roku plugged into your TV being online and idling.

It still consumes data for things like upgrading firmware and background services, even when it’s not actively being used.

Your router may even have a restricted number of devices it can connect to concurrently, and if you have too many connected devices, the router may start throwing some of them off the network.

Accessing the router’s web interface and seeing the network map is a quick and easy approach to get a bird’s eye view of all the connected devices. You will be able to see all active and inactive connected devices, allowing you to disable the ones you seldom use.


Changing the Wi-Fi password is another option if you believe your neighbors are using your Wi-Fi. Once you do so, every wirelessly connected device must be reconnected individually.

You can view everything connected to your network using the handy companion app that comes with certain routers and wireless gateways. You’ll be able to see which devices are connected to your network and kick them off if they’re no longer needed.

7. Upgrade your Internet Plan

Upgrade your Internet Plan

If your Internet speed drops only when several other people use it simultaneously, you will likely upgrade your Spectrum plan.

When more data is attempted to be sent than is allowed by your Internet plan, you experience a slowdown in your connection.

The best, albeit most expensive option is to upgrade to a faster internet plan through Spectrum.

In addition to a high-speed internet plan, you should invest in the necessary hardware to ensure that network congestion never affects you again.

Other Factors which Affect your Internet Speed

Some other factors affect your Internet speed on a single device:

  • You have a lot of applications opened on your device which require data transfer.
  • Your device has outdated drivers.
  • You are downloading way too many things at a time.
  • Your device has viruses or malware.
  • You have opened a lot of tabs on your browser.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Spectrum Internet can sometimes slow because of Internet throttling or from your end.

You may have to upgrade your router and manage your home network to fix it.

Consider using Wireless Gateways and the 5 GHz band for quality signals for wireless networks.

If nothing in this guide helped you, please get in touch with Spectrum customer care.

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