How to Turn OFF Voice on Hisense Roku TV? [Do it in Seconds]

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How to Turn OFF Voice on Hisense Roku TV?

Quick Fix

If you want to turn off voice on Hisense Roku TV, Go to Settings > Accessibility > Screen Reader and toggle it off. That will turn off the voice narrating feature of your Hisense Roku TV.

Recently, my Hisense Roku TV was talking back all of my on-screen actions aloud, which was quite frustrating, and I had no idea why it was doing it.

After some research, I found that it was a Roku feature designed for visually disabled consumers known as “Screen Reader,” formerly known as “Audio Guide.” It is also known as Audio Description.

Fortunately, it was pretty easy to toggle it OFF. With that said, let’s get started!

How to Turn OFF Voice on Hisense Roku TV?

Before moving on to the solutions, let me explain the issue in more detail.

If your Hisense Hisense Roku TV is chatting with you, there are two possibilities:

Screen Reader vs. Audio Description
  1. Screen Reader: The Screen Reader is an accessibility function formerly known as the Audio Guide, and it will read the interface aloud while you navigate around and make choices using the remote control.
  2. Audio Description: If you’re watching a TV program or movie with narration explaining what’s happening on screen, a different kind of accessibility feature, often referred to as Audio Description, has likely been activated.

Luckily, both of these features are easy to turn OFF and ON.

1. How to Turn OFF the “Screen Reader Function” on Hisense Roku TV?

As I have mentioned, “Screen Reader” is a function that speaks aloud your actions on your TV screen. Roku has designed this feature mainly for visually disabled users who need extra help navigating their Hisense Roku TVs.

There is a chance that either you or someone at your home has accidentally enabled Screen Reader. So, worry not. Follow the below method to turn it off quickly.

Easiest Way to Turn Off the Screen Reader Mode

Quickly press the Asterisk (*) button 4 times.

This shortcut is programmed into Roku’s interface to allow easy toggling of the Screen Reader for accessibility purposes.”

Note: Similar explanations have been added to other sections where steps are provided, giving brief reasons or insights.

If you don’t have the original Roku remote with you, you can also deactivate it by navigating through the Roku OS settings.

  1. Go to your Roku Home screen.
  2. Scroll to “Settings” and press “Ok” on the remote control.
  1. Go to “Accessibility” and press “Ok” on the remote control.
  1. Go to “Screen Reader,” press “Ok” again, and toggle it OFF from there.

It is that simple!

2. How to Turn OFF the “Audio Description” feature on Hisense Roku TV?

Voice narration, also known as “Audio Description, ” is a stand-alone feature in streaming apps and doesn’t have to do anything with the OS itself.

So, the procedure to disable Audio Description depends on the streaming service you use and slightly differs between different platforms.

How to Turn Off Audio Descriptions on Netflix?

  1. Press the “Up Arrow” button on the remote control.
  2. Select “Other” appearing at the bottom and press the “Ok” button.
  1. Now you will see that the selection language is “English – Audio Description,” change it to either “English” or any other language without the “Audio Description.”
On the Netflix TV app, Change from English - Audio Description to English [Original]

How to Turn Off Audio Descriptions on Amazon Prime Video?

  1. Press the “Up Arrow” button TWICE on your Hisense Roku TV remote.
  2. Select “Audio & Languages.”
  1. Now you will see that the selection language is “English [Audio Description],” change it to either “English” or any other language without the “Audio Description.”

How to Turn Off Audio Description on HBO Max?

  1. While watching a show, press the “Asterisk” (*) button on the remote.
  2. Go to “Accessibility & Captions.”
  3. Go to “Audio Track.”
  4. Now select a language without “English – Audio Description.” You can read the language summary at the top and see if the chosen language is descriptive.

How to Turn Off Audio Description on Hulu?

  1. Press the “Up Button” on the Hisense Roku Remote.
  2. Select “Settings.”
  1. Go to the “Audio Language” Section.
  1. Select a language without “Audio Description.”

How to Turn Off Audio Description on Apple TV

  1. Go to the Apple TV home screen and select “Settings” from the top menu.
  1. Go to “Accessibility.”
  1. Go to “Audio Descriptions.”
  1. Toggle it OFF.

How to Turn Off Audio Description on Disney Plus Roku TV?

  1. While watching a show, press the “Asterisk” (*) button on the Hisense Roku remote.
  2. Go to “Audio Track.”
  3. You will see the selected language is “*English,” select regular English audio instead of the one marked with (*).

How to Turn OFF Guide Narration? (Cable TV)

Cable TV shows and movies also provide this kind of descriptive audio. Deactivating it on the cable requires disabling SAP (Secondary Audio Programming) on the cable provider’s end.

This procedure also differs between cable providers. I am using Spectrum TV at home, so here is how to turn off descriptive audio for Spectrum cable, which they call Descriptive Video Service (DVS).

Steps to Turn off Descriptive Video Service (DVS):

  1. Press MENU and navigate Down to “Settings and Support.”
  2. Select “Accessibility” as your first choice.
  3. Press “OK” to access the Descriptive Video Service.
  4. Toggle it OFF.

That is it, and it will turn OFF the descriptive audio on traditional Spectrum cable.

Last Thoughts on How to Turn OFF Voice on Hisense Roku TV

In conclusion, turning off your Hisense Roku TV’s voice is quick and straightforward. If you’re experiencing your TV speaking aloud your on-screen actions, it’s likely due to the “Screen Reader” accessibility feature. Turn it OFF, and you are good to go.

Additionally, if you encounter voice narration while watching TV programs or movies, known as “Descriptive Audio,” you can quickly turn it off through various streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, Hulu, Apple TV, and Disney Plus, as well as traditional cable TV providers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I turn off the Narrator on my Hisense Android TV?

Press the “Up arrow key” on the remote and go to the setting gear icon. and press “OK.” Go down and select “Device Preferences.” Now, go down to “Accessibility” and press “Ok.” Scroll down to “Talkback,” and toggle it OFF.

How to Fix Hisense Roku TV IR Remote?

Remove the batteries from your TV Remote. Press and hold the power button on the remote control for 10-15 seconds to discharge it completely. Put the batteries back inside; hopefully, it will fix the issue.

How do I prevent accidental voice commands from activating the TV?

Disable the “Hey Roku” or “Hey Roku TV” feature in the settings to avoid accidental voice commands. It will require you to press a button on the remote before the TV listens to your voice commands.

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