How to Cancel Xfinity Internet Service? (Simply, Try this Technique!)

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To cancel Xfinity Internet service without paying a cancellation fee, call Xfinity Retention Department. Choose the option to cancel and speak with Retention. Provide valid reasons for cancellation, like you are moving to another country, negotiate, and reject any kind of offer. Stay firm but polite. Return any equipment to avoid extra fees. Confirm the cancellation with another call.

I’ve been an Xfinity (TV and Internet) client for years and have had several problems. Nevertheless, even if it was different for you, I often handled these problems myself.

But if you’ve had enough of Xfinity’s service and are looking for information on how to cancel Xfinity’s Internet service, this guide will help you.

Whether you want to communicate with Xfinity by email, phone, or in person, I will help you get over your split. Let’s discontinue the Xfinity subscription on good terms; I’ve got the information you need.

⚠ Caution

You’ll need to be an extrovert if you want to cancel your Xfinity subscription without paying a high Comcast early termination fee. Strap on, and get ready to learn some convincing excuses and negotiating strategies.

How to Avoid Xfinity Cancellation Fees?

There are only 4 ways you can cancel your Xfinity Services:

  1. Fill out an online form and mail them to Xfinity or visit their forum.
  2. Calling Comcast Retention department at 1-800-XFINITY.
  3. Chat with Xfinity Customer Service on their website.
  4. Visiting Xfinity store in person.

You can cancel without a contract at any time; though it is not that simple, you will still have to fight them. (By fight, I mean they will still push you to continue using their services.)

However, if you have a one-year contract, Xfinity will charge a cancellation fee of $10 every month till your contract expires.

Calling Comcast’s Retention Department is the best way

Calling Comcast's Retention Department is the best way

You should always call Comcast if you are proceeding with cancellation.

I strongly suggest you avoid canceling via “Form Submission” simply because of the lack of personal interaction; it stands a greater chance of being disregarded or rejected.

You will need to call the Xfinity cancel service phone number. The cancellation procedure may be initiated by dialing Xfinity retention number 1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489).

Just dial the number and choose “cancel service” from the list of options. When you finally get through, ask to talk with Retention. Tell them you want a transfer if they aren’t Retention.

Tell Retention that you want to cancel, explain why, and go through their attempts to persuade you to remain. Let’s be honest: it’s tough to let go of you. Gently break the news to them.

Right about now is when your ability to negotiate and provide reasonable explanations comes into play.

Negotiations and Excuses Tactics

Negotiations and Excuses Tactics

Telling the representative the truth, such as:

This will result in concessions, enhancements, and service calls.

The staff has a script they follow to make sure you don’t end up canceling. For this reason, you want to stand your ground and come up with excuses they can’t counter.

Some examples:

  • Moving to another location: This is the finest explanation. The service crew may be pleased to set it up in your new house, so be sure all the bases are covered.
  • Xfinity service is already installed there: When you move in with someone already a customer of theirs, you are considered an “existing user.”
  • Moving out of a Comcast coverage area: This is another best excuse if you are saying that you are moving out than tell them somewhere Comcast is unavailable.
  • Moving out of the country for better opportunities: This explanation might solve your never-ending nightmare. Let Comcast know you will leave the country to pursue other opportunities, etc.

Another logical excuse is that you can say, “I will be traveling continuously.” Still, they can counter it easily by suggesting service suspension for travel. So, it would be best if you had answers for their counter offers. (Service suspension is putting the service on hold for the duration.)

You should utilize the opposite explanation if you want a long-term, fail-safe solution.

Because Comcast representatives are dealing with people like us all the time, they are trained and desperate to keep us stuck to their services. (Simply because acquiring a new service user will cost them more than keeping an existing user.)

They will throw great offers to keep you using their services, which are pretty hard to reject, but you will have to stand your ground this time!

  • They will offer you more extensive packages at lower prices; reject them and say you want to cancel, mentioning your excuse.
  • They will say that they will call you back in a few days, don’t let them have it; you must tell them to cancel the services right now.
  • If you’re going to back up your original excuse with more information, be careful not to provide information that directly contradicts your original justification. Follow-ups should be ambiguous and brief.
  • Please don’t be rude, talk to them politely which standing your excuses.

Doing so, hopefully, you will get it done. Once they cancel your service, you will get a UPS shipping label from Xfinity to return the equipment.

Return Xfinity Equipment to avoid Additional Fee

Return Xfinity Equipment to avoid Additional Fee

Comcast may easily assess extra fees if you still have equipment from them but have yet to return it.

You should contact Comcast and compile a list of the equipment you need to send back.

⚠ Caution

Be sure to have solid proof that all equipment is in good condition before packing it.

Equipment may be returned in three ways:

  • UPS Pick-Up Service: Once you have the list of equipment to return, put them all in a box and put the shipping label on it; call UPS and get their representative to pick up the package from your door.
  • Drop the package at a nearby UPS Store: If you have a UPS store near your home, you can also drop the package there.
  • Drop the package at a nearby Comcast Store: You can also drop the package to Comcast directly if you have a store nearby.

Xfinity Early Termination Fee

Xfinity Early Termination Fee

Your best bet for escaping this jam is to be kind, persuadable, and convincing while you are on call with them.

Your excuses should be legitimate and reasonable; answering the follow-up questions correctly will also be helpful; doing so will avoid Xfinity’s Early termination fee.

However, this is no strawberry world, and there is a possibility that you’ll have to pay $10/mo to cancel TV and $20/mo per phone line for the rest of the contract’s term.

However, this is a win as these costs are much lower than their service prices.

Final Thoughts on How to Cancel Xfinity Service

Concluding it all, there are four ways to cancel your Xfinity service; calling their support helpline is the best.

You will have to come up with some excuses and ignore all the lavish offers they make to counter your cancellation.

After canceling, call them again to reconfirm the cancellation and ensure to send their equipment back to them to avoid any extra fine.

Doing this will secure the cancellation without paying any extra fee; if not, you will at least become a great negotiator! 

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