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One of my buddies, John, recently wanted to get the cable off his Spectrum package but wanted to keep using the Internet.

Spectrum representatives kept him on the phone for over two hours. Even after this 2-hour call, representatives failed to cancel his cable.

Later in the evening, Spectrum sent him a $324.46 bill that was supposed to be $109.99.

John recorded a video of himself talking to Spectrum representatives about canceling Spectrum services.

John is determined to cancel Spectrum, and you may be too.

How to Cancel Spectrum Internet?

I got my spectrum services canceled right after hearing about John’s story!

And since I care about you, I recorded all I have learned and compiled this guide so you may cut the cord with Spectrum as soon as possible.


If you are looking for a quick answer, here it is:

  • Talk to Spectrum’s Retention department only!
  • If they hang up on you, pack the equipment and go straight to the nearest Spectrum store!

Now, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of how you can cancel your Spectrum Internet!

There are two best ways to cancel your Spectrum Internet:

  1. Calling their retention department
  2. Paying them a visit

1. Calling Spectrum’s Retention Department

Calling Spectrum's Retention Department

To cancel your Spectrum service, you must call Spectrum directly.

Please call (833) 267-6094 to begin the cancellation process.

Call Spectrum directly at (833) 267-6094 to terminate services and ask to speak with a Retention Department representative. You should tell them you want to be transferred if they aren’t in retention.

Please don’t waste your time with any other department because Spectrum representatives are trained to employ various techniques to extend your call, such as asking open-ended questions, offering discounts, and appealing to your emotions.

Powerful Excuses and Bargaining Tactics

Being honest with the representative will not end up good for you, such as:

Powerful Excuses and Bargaining Tactics

Your excuses will not persuade them to cancel your services; they may prolong the call to discourage you from canceling.

They are desperate to keep you as their customer; they will keep you on call for so long that you will hang up on them, and they will win!

That is exactly what they want, and they are trained to do so.

So here comes the lies, which sound so legitimate that they can’t counter, and you will get what you call them for!


Please understand that Spectrum representatives will ask follow-up questions, so be prepared not to answer something that contradicts your original excuse.

You can start with any of these excuses:

  • I am moving: This is probably one of the best excuses. They will tell you Spectrum will happily install the service in your new location. You can counter it simply by saying, “Spectrum services are already being used there.”
  • Spectrum service is already installed there: So, you can say, “I am moving in with my boyfriend/girlfriend, and they are already a customer of Spectrum.” They will have a hard time answering this justification.
  • Moving out of Spectrum’s coverage area: Another best excuse is telling them that you are moving somewhere Spectrum is unavailable.
  • Moving out of the country: It’s possible that this clarification may stop your nightmarish experience once and for all. Inform Spectrum that you will leave the country for employment or other reasons.

You can also tell them, “I am traveling and will be on the road for some time.” 

However, they can easily mitigate this by suggesting service suspension while you travel.

It would be best if you came prepared to respond to any counteroffers they make. (Service suspension means suspending the service temporarily.)

That is why I suggest you use the other excuses mentioned above.

Because Spectrum’s customer service agents are well-trained and desperately want to keep us as customers because they deal with people like us daily. (Simply because the expense of attracting a new customer is higher than retaining an existing one.)

Counteroffers and Keeping You on the Phone!

Counteroffers and Keeping you on the Phone!

Once they realize they must cancel your service, they will start throwing tempting offers that are pretty hard to reject.

  • They may tempt you with discounted upgrades or bundled packages but decline and request a cancelation.
  • They might offer you a new tablet or smartphone along with a free tempting internet package to keep using their services; you have to stand your ground!

But that will keep you on the Phone because they will increase the price later by throwing in some taxes and other charges.

They want to keep you on the phone, so you get frustrated and hang up!

So, don’t mess around and politely tell them I want nothing but the cancelation of services.

Avoid being rude; instead, offer your apologies politely.

Doing so, hopefully, you will get it done. Once they cancel your service, you will get a UPS shipping label from Spectrum to return the equipment.

If you do this, you should be able to complete the task. Spectrum will provide a prepaid shipping label once they terminate your service.

Return the Equipment as soon as possible!

Return the Equipment as soon as possible!

Spectrum may charge you a fee if you still have Spectrum-issued equipment and have yet to return it.

Make a list of the equipment you need to return and contact Spectrum.


Before you pack anything, ensure you have irrefutable proof that it is working.

You have three options for returning equipment:

  1. UPS/FedEx Pick-Up Service: After obtaining the return mailing label, package all the items on the list and have UPS or FedEx come and collect them from your doorstep.
  2. Drop the package at FedEx/UPS Store: The package can also be dropped off at a local UPS or FedEx store.
  3. Drop the equipment at a nearby Spectrum Store: You can also drop off your package at a nearby Spectrum store.

After sending all the equipment back to Spectrum, call them, notify them, and confirm the cancellation.

Since Spectrum doesn’t offer contracts, you won’t have to pay any cancellation fee.

For any reason, if Spectrum hangs up on you and doesn’t call back within 24 hours, worry not and follow the next guide!

2. Go to the Nearest Spectrum Store

Go to the Nearest Spectrum Store

Like John, if you were unsuccessful in getting your Spectrum services canceled over the phone, don’t worry!

You must pack all the equipment in a box you received from Spectrum, including the router or modem, wiring, and power adapter!

Go to the nearest Spectrum return equipment location and tell them you want to cancel their services. They might persuade you to stand your ground and tell them who the boss is!

I know this is a nightmare for introverts, but you have no choice! Spectrum representatives are incentivized to keep customers, so they may try to persuade you to return the equipment in person.

Spectrum Internet Cancellation Fee

Spectrum is one of the ISPs in states that doesn’t offer contracts! Since there are no contracts, there is no early cancellation fee.

However, I suggest that if you are going to cancel the Spectrum services, call them and inform them at least one business day before your cancellation so you won’t be charged for the next billing cycle.

How Long Does it Take to Cancel Spectrum Internet?

To request service disconnection, only the designated account owner is authorized. Spectrum requires a minimum of 30 days’ notice, as stated in their terms and conditions. Your disconnect request must be accompanied by a written acknowledgment from Spectrum Enterprise. They will process your request once these conditions are met.

Last Thoughts on How to Cancel Spectrum Service

You may cancel your Spectrum service by calling or visiting a local Spectrum store.

If you need to cancel, you’ll need to come up with legitimate justifications and disregard whatever extravagant compensation they may give.

After canceling, you should call them again to confirm the cancellation and then return the equipment to prevent paying any further fees.

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