Can’t fix your Smart Home Device?
Domotics101 have you covered.

Domotics101 is a group of technical experts to help you either install a Smart Home Device,
Or we can help you troubleshoot issues with installed devices!

Our Expertise

Home Automation

Smart Entertainment

Smart Security

Smart Networking

Team Domotics101 - Marc, L. Khan, Saba and T. Siddiqui

Our Experts work with these
Smart Home Brands!

We know
Tech is Difficult!

Our services are simple and easy to get!
Your subscription will help you with the following …

Phone Support

Our technical experts will be available for you with any smart home tech issues!

Live Chat

Get instant help from a knowledgeable person through our online live chat.

Video Calls

We may arrange a video chat to investigate and resolve any technical difficulties.

Here are a few of the common
Smart Home Issues!

Our experts have been fixing them for years!

  • Home Automation
  • Home Entertainment
  • Home Security
  • Home Networking

Installing Home Devices

Among the many things we install for you are doorbells, video systems, and thermostats.

Home Sensor Issues

We will help you in installing the home sensors and fix any issues along the way.

Setting Up Smart Speakers

Our technical experts can help you in setting up smart speakers like Amazon Alexa!

Setup your Smart Home

Let us help you sort through the hype and narrow down your options for smart home technology.

Setup Home Theatre

We provide services to set up and maintain your home theatre equipment.

Fix Smart TV Issues

If your video or audio is low quality, we can pinpoint the problem and help you fix it.

Setting up Gaming

We will help you in setting up multiple gaming consoles on a single TV.

Remote Codes and Issues

We can also help you in setting up multiple smart devices on a single remote control.

Setting up Smart Cameras

Update the Firmware

Secure Cloud Storage

Installing Security Cams

Troubleshoot your Network

We will find out whether or not the problem is with your network’s router, cables, or other devices.

Fixing Network Settings

Modifying your network’s settings may make a huge impact. Leave the finer details to us.

Manage your ISP

If you want the greatest possible service from your internet service provider, we can help you get it.

Fixing your Network Speed

We can fix your slow internet, from overcrowded networks to broken hardware.

Leave your tech needs
on Domotics101

Leave the technical assistance to us,
So you can concentrate on what truly matters.

Leave your tech needs
on Domotics101

Leave the technical assistance to us,
So you can concentrate on what truly matters.

Usama Arshad

Luqman remotely connected to my PC and conducted tests to identify the issue. They simplified the reason and solution for me. A++ Experience.

Edward Harper

I was frustrated since I couldn’t fix my home internet. Online solutions were too hard. My frustrations vanished after finding Domotics101.

Raza. U Khan

I didn’t know who to call to fix the issues regarding my LG Smart TV. Domotics101 supports smart home devices remotely. They’re fantastic! Especially Tahir!