Does Blink work with Ring Security System? (We did the Research)

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Does Blink work with Ring Security System?

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While Blink and Ring systems aren’t directly compatible, creative DIY solutions can help bridge the gap. The possibilities are endless if you can play with Amazon Alexa or IFTTT. You can create Alexa routines or IFTTT applets to integrate Blink and Ring devices.

For homeowners prioritizing safety, merging the capabilities of Blink and Ring security systems can be a game-changer.

Blink and the Ring Smart Security System are among the most popular residential surveillance solutions currently on the market.

While both boast unique features, many people understandably wish to know: does Blink work with Ring?

This comparison guide will scrutinize the compatibility and benefits of integrating Blink cameras into the Ring ecosystem, drawing on expert insights and first-hand user experiences.

Join us as we explore the potential of this potent home security duo to provide you with the ultimate peace of mind.

Exploring Blink and Ring Compatibility

As a homeowner who values smart home security, I was curious about the compatibility of Blink and Ring cameras. Both are owned by Amazon, but do they actually work together seamlessly?

The most straightforward answer is No; they don’t!

Blink security cameras are designed to function primarily within the proprietary Blink Home Monitor app.

Since Amazon owns both brands, users often wonder if there’s a streamlined way to manage their devices, asking things like ‘Does Blink work with the Ring app?’

While they operate on different technologies, we’ll uncover how you might still achieve some level of synchronization.

Additionally, In evaluating whether Blink is compatible with Ring, it’s important to note that Blink focuses on cameras. In contrast, Ring provides a broader range of security devices, such as doorbells and smart lights.

Despite the benefits of integrating the two systems, Amazon has no plans to merge them as they generate two income streams.

Furthermore, both systems have loyal customers who might be unhappy with changes in product sales or technological integrations.

Therefore, as of now, Blink and Ring do not work together by default. But there is a workaround that can help you integrate the two systems.

How to Integrate Blink and Ring Security System?

How to Integrate Blink and Ring Security System?

After some research, I found out that although Blink and Ring cameras cannot directly connect to each other, we can integrate them and work together through the Alexa app or IFTTT (If This Then That) automation.

Many users ask, ‘Does Blink work with the Ring app?’ While Blink cameras are designed to operate within their system and app, we’ll explore workarounds for integration.

By setting up Alexa Routines or IFTTT applets, you can create automation that involves both Blink and Ring devices.

For example, you can set up a routine where your Blink camera detects motion and triggers your Ring Doorbell to start recording.

 Setting up
Alexa Routines

This integration provides us with an efficient and reliable smart home security system.

While Blink and Ring may not be directly compatible, with some DIY creativity and the right tools, they can work together to provide a cohesive smart security experience.

Blink and Ring Integration via Alexa Routines

Since both the brands are owned by Amazon, integrating them using Alexa is relatively easy compared to IFTTT or other DIY tricks.

Start by linking Blink and Ring devices within the Alexa app for streamlined integration.

Connect Blink and Ring devices to the Alexa app

After that, you can create an Alexa Routine that’ll make your Ring and Blink devices interact with each other.

First of all, you will have to add your Blink and Ring devices to the Alexa app. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure your Ring and Blink devices are connected to a WiFi network and working correctly.
  2. Ensure your phone is connected to the same WiFi network as your Blink and Ring devices.
  3. Open the Alexa application on your phone and go to the menu by clicking the More icon on the bottom right corner of the app.
  4. Tap on “Skills and Games.”
Tap on More and select Skills and Games
  1. Search for Blink and enable the Skill.
Search for blink, enable it and enter credentials on the Alexa app
  1. Search for Ring and enable it as well.
Search for ring, enable it and enter credentials on the Alexa app
  1. Sign in to both Blink and Ring accounts and authorize access to Alexa.
  2. Once your accounts are connected, you can find devices by navigating to the “Devices” section in the Alexa app and tapping “Discover Devices.
Discover and setup blink devices on Alexa app
  1. If you have any Ring or Blink devices connected to your WiFi network, Alexa will find them and add them to your list of Alexa devices.

That is it. You may now use voice commands to operate your Ring or Blink devices. It is time to set up an Alexa routine.

To create an Alexa Routine:

Go to Routines, tap on plus and select When this happens
  1. Open the Alexa app and select “More” from the bottom menu.
  2. Go to “Routines.”
  3. Tap the “+” icon to create a new routine and give it a name.
  4. Tap on “When this happens.”
  5. Now select the “Smart Home.”
Select Smart Home
  1. Choose your Blink Camera as the trigger device and configure it to detect “Motion.”
  2. Save it.
  3. Next, add an action by tapping “Add action.”
  4. Choose “Smart Home” again.
Selecting motion in Alexa app
  1. This time, select your Ring Doorbell and set it to start recording when the routine is triggered.
  2. Save the routine.

With the right setup, you can have a Ring doorbell and Blink cameras complementing each other, enhancing your home’s surveillance capabilities.

Integration via IFTTT Applets

You can make Blink and Ring work together using a handy platform called IFTTT.

It will enhance your home security and allow you to automate various tasks and routines that might not be possible via Alexa Routines.

  1. First, you’ll need to sign up for a free IFTTT account if you don’t already have one.
  2. After signing up, search for Blink and Ring services and connect them to IFTTT by providing your account details.
Search Blink on IFTTT
Connect Blink on IFTTT
  1. Once you’ve connected both services, browse through the pre-made ‘Applets’ or create your custom ones.
Browse through the pre-made Applets on IFTTT
  1. These Applets help you create ‘IF’ and ‘THEN’ scenarios to trigger specific actions.
  2. For example, ‘IF’ your Blink camera detects motion, ‘THEN’ your Ring doorbell will start recording.
  3. Once your Applets are in place, your Blink and Ring devices will seamlessly address your home security needs.

Comparison of Ring and Blink Security System

Comparison of Ring and Blink Security System

Let’s look at how Blink and Ring stack up against each other.

The following table breaks down the difference between Blink and Ring security systems, allowing you to compare their offerings and decide which system best meets your home security needs.

The table above highlights the primary differences and similarities between Blink and Ring home security systems.

While Blink offers simplicity and cost-effectiveness, Ring provides a broader range of products and advanced features.

Your choice will depend on whether you prioritize budget-friendly options with Blink or a more comprehensive security solution with Ring.

Consider your specific needs, such as video quality, storage options, and integration capabilities, to make the best decision for your home.

1. Devices Offered by Blink and Ring

Blink currently offers three main types of cameras:

Devices Offered by Blink - Blink Mini, Blink Indoor and Blink Outdoor
  • Blink Mini: an indoor-only wired camera.
  • Blink Indoor: a wireless camera designed for indoor use.
  • Blink Outdoor: a weatherproof version of the Blink Indoor camera suitable for outdoor use.

Blink also offers a video doorbell, a wired floodlight camera, and several mounting accessories that provide advanced features like the Pan-Tilt accessory for the Blink Mini.

On the other hand, Ring boasts a broader range of devices:

Devices Offered by Ring
  • An indoor camera called Ring Indoor Cam.
  • An indoor/outdoor camera named Ring Stick Up Cam.
  • Two outdoor models: Ring Spotlight Cam and Ring Floodlight Cam.

In the Blink vs Ring doorbell cameras debate, Ring has an extensive selection of video doorbell cameras available.

Both companies’ cameras are part of the broader Amazon family of products, and they integrate well with Amazon’s Alexa voice AI, offering a cohesive experience with the Amazon ecosystem.

2. Comparison of features and capabilities

When comparing Blink and Ring security cameras, it’s essential to consider each system’s features and capabilities.

While both are Amazon-owned brands and integrate seamlessly with Alexa, their strengths and offerings cater to different needs.

Ring offers a more extensive selection of product variety, including doorbell cameras and entry sensors, creating a more comprehensive security system.

Blink, on the other hand, focuses primarily on indoor and outdoor cameras. While they have been expanding their product line with new floodlight cameras and a Mini Pan-Tilt camera, their options are still relatively limited.

Despite this, Blink’s cameras are more budget-friendly than Ring’s, making them suitable for consumers with tighter budgets. Moreover, Blink offers up to 256GB of local storage, while Ring mainly relies on its cloud subscriptions.

Ultimately, the decision between Blink and Ring comes down to your personal preferences, budget, and must-have features in a security system.

Both brands have unique strengths and offerings; it’s essential to consider what’s most important to you before choosing.

3. Smart Hubs Comparison and Requirements

When comparing Blink and Ring, it’s essential to consider smart hub compatibility and requirements.

You will require a syncing module to connect multiple Blink cameras, though you won’t need any hub for Ring.

Blink’s strong suit is in affordability and local storage options. You can connect up to ten cameras to the same Blink hub, and with built-in motion sensors, the system records only when necessary, saving space on storage.

Comparatively, Ring is a more robust choice but potentially more expensive.

4. Installation Procedure Comparison

When it came time to install both Blink and Ring security camera systems, I found the process relatively straightforward for each brand.

The most helpful resources during installation were the how-to videos provided by each company, which made the processes quick and smooth.

Both Blink and Ring systems only require a few screws and a WiFi connection to set up, making it simple even for those who may not be as tech-savvy.

One notable difference is that Ring offers more cameras that use wired power sources instead of batteries. It means that depending on your preference and power source availability, Ring might have more suitable options.

However, the overall installation procedure is relatively similar for both brands, and I was able to install each security camera within an hour.

5. Smartphone Apps Comparison

Blink vs. Ring app comparison

Blink and Ring offer user-friendly interfaces, allowing users to easily access and control their devices.

Both apps put the front and center of your camera, making viewing live feeds simple and changing settings as needed. However, some differences set the two apart.

The Blink app presents a cleaner user interface because it doesn’t have to support a security system like the Ring app.

On the other hand, the Ring app integrates various functions and devices, including cameras, smart lights, and alarm systems, providing users with a comprehensive security solution.

Both apps are available for iOS and Android devices, ensuring compatibility across various smartphones.

Ultimately, users can expect efficient and reliable performance from the Blink and Ring smartphone apps, with the main difference being the scope of features each platform offers.

6. Blink and Ring Subscription Plan Comparison

Blink vs. Ring subscription

Both companies offer cloud storage subscription plans for their respective security camera systems, but there are differences in pricing and features offered.

When considering Blink and Ring subscription plans, comparing the costs and benefits is essential, as both brands offer entry-level options at similar price points.

Blink offers a Basic plan for $3 per month or $30 per year, which provides cloud storage for one camera with access to motion alerts and 60 days of video history.

On the other hand, Ring also offers its Protect Basic plan for $3 per month or $30 per year, including cloud storage for one camera, access to motion alerts, and 60 days of video history.

Ring also offers a Protect Plus plan for $10 per month or $100 per year, which covers all cameras on the property and includes 24/7 professional monitoring for Ring’s Alarm system.

Blink provides local storage of up to 256 GB through its Sync Module 2, which allows you to store videos on a USB stick without a subscription. Ring, however, does not offer local storage and ties all video storage to its subscription plans.

For users who prefer to store videos locally and not rely on cloud storage, Blink may be a more appealing choice. Furthermore, it’s important to note that no contracts are required for either Blink or Ring subscriptions, and users can cancel these plans anytime.

Last Thoughts on Blink and Ring Compatibility

In conclusion, Blink and Ring don’t work together directly, but you can integrate them via Alexa Routines or IFTTT Applets.

Choosing between Blink and Ring might be challenging, considering their similarities and differences. Both security systems have pros, cons, and features that suit different customer preferences.

Since each user’s demands and priorities vary, there is no apparent winner between these two.

Ready to amplify your home security? Try integrating Blink with Ring today and share your story. Questions? Our comment section is open for discussion!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Blink work with Alexa?

Yes, Blink cameras work with Alexa. All current Blink cameras integrate easily into Amazon’s Alexa ecosystem, including the Blink Outdoor, Blink Mini, and Blink Video Doorbell.

Does Blink have a Doorbell?

Yes, Blink has a Video Doorbell. It offers two-way audio, HD video, motion and chime app alerts, and Alexa compatibility.

Do any other Cameras work with Ring?

Yes, Ring has​​ recently added​​ support for third-party cameras​​ compatible​​ with the Open​​ Network Video​​ Interface Forum​​ (ONVIF) standard​.

Does Blink work with the Ring App?

Blink cameras​​ do not natively work​​ with the Ring​​ app or integrate​​ with Ring devices directly.

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