AirTag Not Reachable Move Around to Connect (FIX in Seconds)

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AirTag Not Reachable Move Around to Connect

Quick Fix

To fix the “AirTag not Reachable” error, restart your iPhone and then try to locate your AirTag using the “Find My” app. If that doesn’t work, you can reset your AirTag or change the AirTag’s battery. Additionally, updating your iPhone to the latest firmware also fixes this issue. 

If you landed on this guide, you must have seen an Error on your iPhone, “AirTag not Reachable,” while trying to locate it using Find My App.

Although losing your belongings is already very stressful, getting this error while trying to find it is just chaos!

Well, I have recently got the same error and spent a lot of time researching solutions, and in this guide, I have compiled my whole research and fixes for this error!

Error Explanation: “AirTag not Reachable”

If you have recently encountered an error “AirTag not reachable, move around to connect” while trying to locate your AirTag using the Find My app, it means that the AirTag is out of your iPhone’s Bluetooth range or your iPhone is having a hard time communicating with your AirTag.

Before getting to the solutions, you must know the causes of this error. So, let’s investigate the reasons first!

1. Your AirTag is out of your iPhone’s Bluetooth Range

Your AirTag is out of your iPhone's Bluetooth Range

Unlike other tracking devices, AirTag doesn’t have any GPS installed in it.

AirTag emits a Bluetooth signal that nearby devices (iPhones, iPads, Macbooks) can detect and then sends the AirTag’s private, encrypted location to iCloud, which appears in your “Find My” app.

So, as long as your AirTag is out of the Bluetooth range of any iOS device, you will receive the “AirTag not reachable, move around to connect” error.

2. Bluetooth was enabled for an extended duration

Bluetooth was enabled for an extended duration

If the Bluetooth on your iPhone is enabled for a longer period, it will likely lose connection to the AirTag and will not be able to respond to the signals that your AirTag emits.

You can try turning OFF your iPhone’s Bluetooth and then turning it ON again to see if it works!

3. Find My App has been Operating in the Background for an Extended Period

Find My App has been Operating in the Background for an Extended Period

Just like Bluetooth, there is also a possibility that your “Find My app” is working in the background for an extended period and is now having difficulty communicating with your AirTag.

If that is the case, you will get this error: “AirTag not reachable, move around to connect,” even if your AirTag is sitting next to your iPhone.

Try to restart “Find My app,” and it may resolve the issue.

4. Your iPhone is Experiencing Software Malfunctions

Your iPhone is Experiencing Software Malfunctions

There is also a possibility that your iPhone’s OS is malfunctioning, especially if it is not updated to the latest version.

To prevent it from happening, keep your iPhone updated.

5. Your AirTag’s Battery Died

Your AirTag's Battery Died

Ensure your AirTag has enough battery because if it dies, it will lose communication with the entire Apple network, and you won’t be able to locate your AirTag using the “Find My” app.

You can check the health of your AirTag’s battery in the “Find My” app anytime.

6. AirTag Connectivity Issues

Unreachable AirTag can also be caused by the software malfunction in the AirTag itself or connectivity issues.

I could not find the exact cause for this reason, but the solution is simple! Resetting your AirTag will fix the issue, and you won’t encounter this error again.

Troubleshooting Error: “AirTag Not Reachable, Move Around to Connect”

Since you are now well aware of what causes this error, we can get to the solutions.

As you have read above, there are multiple causes for this error message, so the solutions may also differ depending on what is causing the issue in the first place.

Without further ado, let’s get to the fixes!

1. Move Around to Connect

The error mentions the most significant solution, which suggests, “Move around to connect.”

In short, it means that your iPhone cannot communicate with your AirTag, suggesting that the AirTag might be out of its Bluetooth range.

So, it wants you to move around a little bit, and it might be able to connect with your AirTag if it gets into its range.

In case your AirTag is sitting next to your iPhone, and you are still getting this error, follow the next solution.

2. Restart your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone is the best solution, which works for me. It may sound so simple, but trust me, it is the most effective!

I am not sure if you know how to restart your iPhone or not, but I am going to include the steps here:

Restart your iPhone
  1. Press and hold the power button on your iPhone until a slider appears saying, “Slide to Power OFF.”
  2. Slide the slider, and it will turn OFF your iPhone.
  3. Once your iPhone turns OFF, wait for 10 seconds and then press and hold the power button again until you see the Apple Logo.

If you have an older iPhone, the steps may differ a little for restarting it.

3. Factory Reset your AirTag

You need to factory reset your AirTag if it malfunctions. In short, if the above two solutions don’t work, you must proceed with the reset.

Follow these simple troubleshooting steps to reset your AirTag:

AirTag Remove Replace Battery to Reset
  1. Open the back stainless steel lid of your AirTag by pressing it and rotating it in the anti-clockwise direction.
  2. Please remove the battery, insert it again after 2 seconds, and repeat this step 4 more times. (You’ll hear an identical beep the first four times; after the fifth time, the beep sound will be a little different, indicating a successful reset.)
  3. Put the lid back, push it, and rotate in the clockwise direction.

If you prefer to watch a video-based instruction on resetting the AirTag, this one is a go-to!

4. Replace the AirTag’s Battery

As I have mentioned earlier, a low battery can also cause the AirTag not reachable error message.

To counter it, you must buy a new CR2032 battery and replace it with the old one.

Before buying a new one, seeing the current battery status is always good.

  1. Open the “Find My” app on your iPhone that is linked with your AirTag.
  2. Tap “Items.”
  3. Select your AirTag.
  4. If there is an indicator that mentions “Low Battery,” you will have to buy a new battery.

So, go ahead and place an order for a new battery, and once you have it in your hands, you can proceed with the replacement by following these steps:

  1. Open the back lid of your AirTag.
  2. Remove the old battery and insert the new one. (Ensure that the + sign is in the upward direction.)
  3. Put the lid back ON and close it.

Try to locate your AirTag now using the Find My app. Hopefully, it will connect without any errors.

5. Update your iPhone to the Latest iOS Version

Lastly, if you are still seeing the error after trying all of the troubleshooting methods mentioned above, ensure your iPhone is updated to the latest iOS version.

Update your iPhone to the Latest iOS Version

Follow these steps to update your iPhone/iPad:

  1. On your iPhone, go to “Settings.”
  2. Tap “General.”
  3. Tap “Software Update.”
  4. Your iPhone will search for the updates, and if it is not already updated, it will show you a button to download and install the latest update.”
  5. Tap on that button to do so.

It is that simple: once it installs the update, restart your iPhone and then try to connect it to your AirTag.

AirTag Not Reachable After Battery Replacement

Sometimes, you start to get this “AirTag Unreachable Error” after installing a new battery.

If that is the case, you can try removing the AirTag from your Find My app and then pairing it to function properly.

First, you will have to remove the AirTag from the Find My app. Follow these steps to do so:

Remove the AirTag from the Find My app
  1. Open the “Find My” app on your iPhone and tap “Items.”
  2. Select the AirTag that is causing the error.
  3. Tap “Remove Item.”
  4. A confirmation box will appear; you must confirm your action to remove it from your iCloud account.

Now, you will have to pair it again with your iPhone. Simply follow these steps:

Put your iPhone close to the AirTag, and it will automatically detect the AirTag and show you the setup instructions.

Follow these on-screen steps to configure the AirTag again with your iPhone. That is it, and the error will be gone for good.

Key Takeaways

Here are the key takeaways from this guide:

  • The “AirTag not reachable” error occurs when your iPhone cannot communicate with your AirTag.
  • Restarting your iPhone is the most practical solution to encounter this error.
  • You can try to move around in your house as the app suggests, so your iPhone picks up the signals from your AirTag.
  • If your AirTag is still unreachable after restarting your iPhone, you can try to factory reset your AirTag.
  • If you cannot fix the error by yourself, you can take your AirTag to Apple support, and they might find a solution for you.

Last Thoughts on AirTag Not Reachable

To conclude, several causes exist for the “AirTag not Reachable, Move around to connect” error, including Bluetooth range limitations, prolonged Bluetooth or app background usage, software bugs, depleted battery life, and connectivity issues.

To quickly resolve this issue, try restarting your iPhone, changing your location to strengthen the signal, installing the latest software update, and factory resetting or replacing the battery in the AirTag.

In addition to updating your iPhone’s firmware, you may try unpairing and re-pairing the AirTag using the “Find My” app to see if it helps.

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